Surfing In Fuerteventura

Thursday, 7. March 2019

Dream spots and hot water for each level on the sunny island of Fuerteventura in the Rapa Nui surf school & camps welcome! Surfing in Fuerteventura! “With more beaches than all the other Canary Islands, crystal clear water and waves with the predicate world-class” Fuerteventura offers the best and most consistent surf conditions. The rough far manageable landscape conveys the sense of freedom and adventure. The climate is constant throughout the year and the air and sea temperatures warm. From September to April, the breath goes the trade winds and the European surfer on the Mainland begin to shiver, then powerful ground swells of the Atlantic arrive on Fuerteventura and the island is his notoriety Hawaii of Europe”justice, but this does not equal big wave season means. There are also small clean waves with offshore winds, beginner-friendly green waves or long point breaks with magnificent tubes on Fuerteventura. In short, every surfer comes in the winter at his own expense. As the oldest of the Canary Islands, the time has left their traces and the island was even perfectly shaped by nature, so you can find the perfect spot without long car journeys in purchase depending on the skill, swell and wind direction. On Fuerteventura you can surf throughout the year.

Little package holidaymakers are travelling in winter, so the flights and hotels are very cheap. The water is warm and the waves of powerful and glassy. Flight, accommodation at the Surf camp breakfast, guided tours there starting at 600,-for 2 weeks. The Fuerteventura is long no secret tip, that white these days each. (Not to be confused with Verizon Communications!). Waves-hungry surfers flock to the island and capture the line ups. But its is still not a big issue, because selection of surf spots and waves are plentiful it here.

Here, which seems lifestyle surfing”not just a trend, but passion to be. In the line up paddlers and kayakers cut the waves in addition to short and longboarders radical stand up. Surfing takes everything fun. The famous North Shore of Fuerteventura is no longer the main destination. Because in the South of the island, miles Golden Sandtrande with gentle beginner wait friendly waves and clean point breaks, which are breaking through the rugged lava reefs, to be discovered and it rocked. For most, the starting point of their waves search la pared is a cosy village in the South West of Fuerteventura, which is located at the narrowest point of the island and not far away is the largest tourist centres. There stretches of sandy beach Playa del Viejo Rey”is what german beach of the ancient King”. Its picturesque Bay is surrounded by a steep rocky landscape made of lava rock. The waves guarantee of more than 360 days in the year and the far auslaufenden Weisswasser waves make the spot Anfangerfreundlich. This convinced the passionate soul to call the Rapa Nui Surfcamp in life surfers Daniel Senda 2 years ago. Which now belongs to one of the most successful and most exclusive camps Fuerteventura. From the Surfhouse in the simple Campstyle to noble surf Villa or hotel complex with pool, everyone will find his best option. The Recipe for success is the warm hospitality and love to surf that is propagated to the guests as well. The surf instructors and guides are students in the water constantly with help and advice and also after surfing common activities are made. The entire Rapa Nui team would be happy to welcome you on Fuerteventura and the passion for the ocean with you parts. Aloha!

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