Gifts For Mother

Monday, 1. July 2019

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways each year, one wonders yet on the new what you do gives for mother’s day. Pictures are a nice gift because they say yes we know that more than 1000 words. If you might want to decide on this day for pictures as a gift, this article might interest you. There are many different images, you can give away on mother’s day. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. It must be by no means always the most expensive, because on this day only, that is the gift from the heart.

You might find some old photo albums, which you can use on the attic. You can use, for example, some old pictures, which together memories and with it created a whole new image. To stick a few pictures on a poster and decorate this then still beautiful. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. This is always well received and is not especially expensive to produce. You need only a little time and imagination to create a beautiful picture in this way. You have not so much time for the Making a gift for mother’s day? Not necessarily even need to create images, but you can also buy these.

How about a work of art by a real artist? Such gifts are typically somewhat more expensive, but very good at and your mother shall preserve such a picture like a treasure. Inform simply in the Internet for artists who can paint you a picture for mother’s day. It must be Yes does not equal the Mona Lisa, but it also is completely adequate, if you create a nice cartoon leave, created by an unknown Street painter. This is especially good in the apartment and always a place on the wall it can be found for a such a beautiful gift. You can purchase but also finished painting and giving it away. What is the best for mother’s day? Pictures that oneself has painted, are of course the blast, however, not everyone with the gift is blessed to be able to paint even stunning images. Therefore, there are also pictures of mother’s day, in a Internet shop or can buy in a store for a small price. This is usually to images that were created specifically for mother’s day and have a beautiful lettering. You can print an own greeting on these images and for your mother making the image specifically. Are no limits to this gift of imagination and you have a wide range of different designs and colors. Pictures say more than 1000 words and this principle you should make for mother’s day use. Conclusion: What is the best image for mother’s day? Pictures that were painted themselves are very good, but time consuming and not everyone can make it. Pictures can you buy but fortunately also finished and making his mother a gift. Think you always keep in mind that counts also with an image not the price, but the fact that the image of the heart. Oliver Smith

Personal And Individual Gift Idea For Mother

Monday, 3. June 2019

Own photo as a work of art in the retro – or pop-art-style on 8 May is mother’s day. The question therefore arises as always: what present I this time? It is always difficult to find the perfect gift, especially if MOM has it all. Over time, the one MOM with flowers or a box of chocolates has surprised. Capital One may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Gifts that are personal and original are in demand today. Artists of color noise make a unique work of art on canvas from the own photo template. Modern or classic as painting in the retro – pop art-style of a la Warhol.

While you can choose from different formats and designs and vote his mother’s day gift individually on the preference of the mother. All you have to do this is to send his photo. Before its completion, the customer receives a sketch of the subject, so he can be sure that his finished image corresponds to his wishes. While he has the choice between many different formats and background colors. The pictures can be made on original artist’s canvas, or as a poster, and from 42 EUR available in the online-shop at. There you can see all formats and prices and order directly. The delivery time is about 7 days. FARBRAUSCH – Verena Schlemmer – marketing & PR – Bernhard-Schorbach-str. 3-34632 Jesberg – Tel.: 06695 / 911417-E-Mail: –

German Bedroom

Friday, 15. February 2019

Germany talks plain text in the bed the Germans know also open the partner in bed, what they want and say. An international study of casual dating platform revealed that the Germans with over 30 percent always tell the lover in bed, what turns her on and makes hot. “In the discipline of dominance in the bed” is Germany even before the Brazilians known as red-blooded as ecstatic and romantic French and Italians. Especially at the management level, dominance is lived out excessively. Just this target group is reflected in the members of”, Heinz confirmed Laumann, founder of I think our approach is fundamentally different from other providers on the net.

No one really offers casual dating with level, style and Eroticism in symbiosis. Men expect a certain level of appropriate women in to enable the sexual fantasies and men find exactly the erotic adventure you are looking for.” Who’s the boss? The international C study reveals what in German Bedroom really happened: women talk about their sexuality more openly than men and give detailed instructions about how the partner in bed. According to the study, 27 percent of German men compared to 35 percent of German women partners, what to do in bed have the say. Men passed the command to speak to the women who live out the female self-determination in the bed. Work hard play hard a surprising link reveals the study also in the relationship between professional success and pronounced and by sexual preference: the higher the level of education, the more open men and women live out their sexual fantasies.

So, about 50 percent of German managers are very dominant in bed. About the casual dating portal in Germany with more than 2 million registered members all people appeals to who would live their fantasies without obligations with casual dating. As the first platform founded in 2008, C-date operates now in 35 countries Internet portals. As one of the largest CDate is aimed by casual dating platform in the world. de on men, women and couples who would not abandon retail relationships. In Germany, there are already more than 2 million registered members, worldwide, the limit is reached soon by more than 18 million registered members. The basis of the platform is a switching system that is tailored individually to the user that is based on specifying for example personal preference or desired kind of mediation, such as flirt, adventure, erotic conversations or fantasy fulfillment, matching partner. C guarantees its premium users up to 30 contact suggestions as well as a free immediate contact after initial registration. An internal mailing system, the contact is unable to guarantee security and anonymity. The average age of the members of is between 30 and 50 years. The independent comparison portal single stock comparison ranked first in 2011 and 2012. The annual international study by was in January 2013 in 12 countries among 8.239 respondents carried out. The study aims in the context of the booming segment of casual dating on the development of the society all over the world and documented scientifically resulting trends taking into account socio-demographic factors. The study was realized on behalf of trend research Hamburg. For more information,

Jurg Grundlehner Director

Tuesday, 20. November 2018

The systematic analysis of the transaction with the ICH-State function model shows options on St. Gallen, 27.11, 2012: the transactional analysis (TA) was founded by Eric Berne. This doctrine can be associated with the humanistic psychology and is her constructivist approach. Add to your understanding with Oracle. Transactional analysis is a psychology that has a slightly different vocabulary than those of Freud, Jung and Adler. It is the study of human personality and interpersonal communication. The TA sees the person as responsible for his thinking, Act, and feel. Theoretical models help to detect restrictive ways of life and to change.

The transactional analysis contributes much to combine theory and practice of human behavior at the concrete level of interpersonal relations, at current events between two or more people in the here and now. She want to offer the single explanatory models, what’s going on in him and his partners and the mutual relations. Gary Kelly follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. After a three-day Appropriate interested with the three-year basic training can gain the practical skills in transactional analysis introduction seminar. The way to become a certified consultant / certified consultant in transactional analysis is the next step which is terminated with an internationally recognized exam. For this training in transactional analysis a willingness for the personal discussion assumes”, explained Jurg Grundlehner, head of the ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis. Invite the concepts of transactional analysis, dealing with own themes and develop so the personality to more and more autonomy. Systemic transactional analysis helps us to understand what’s going on in the psyche of our counterparts”, Grundlehner, describes the in addition the psychological counseling in St.

Gallen devoted. Using transactional analysis can be improved relations between two people if they are aware of their communication patterns and also change this To want. While in St. Gallen, a psychological consulting are the objectives and problems of clients researched and discussed openly. The ICH-State function model is often used. Mainly advising partner St., I put the pairs on the ICH-State function model Gallen and consider the transaction doctrine in knowledge, since I more than helpful for the advice, if couples have some basic knowledge”, stressed Jurg Grundlehner Director of the Institute. At the counseling St. working Gallen with an understandable everyday language that everyone can understand without being irritated, because mutual communication is at the heart of the consultation. With the ICH-State function model divided into 5 categories of States of being carried out first. General the ICH State, the State in which mental erlebnis – behavioural – and, in terms of attitude is beschreit. This condition, however, is Momentbezogen and is influenced by various factors such as your own feelings, thoughts and by external stimuli. Through an examination of concepts of transactional analysis more awareness about it is sought, with ICH State people act or react, and they the communication and relationship with others can positively influence”, Grundlehner said finally. Company description the Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen specializes in addition to transactional analysis training single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching.

Partners Consulting Solve

Tuesday, 20. November 2018

Relationship problems are normal and for himself alone not the problem considered, St. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. Gallen 24.09.2012: stress in everyday life is one of the most common reasons why the communication relationships in a partnership can be disturbed. It can viewed over a longer period of time, lead to increasing tensions and a relationship with serious problems. To find a way out of this dilemma is not always easy. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi, another great source of information. “Then the question is: am I to understand the partners at all or there alone on the property or content level elementary misunderstandings”, explained Jurg Grundlehner, involved in gall years with relationship problems and their solutions in his practice for partner consultation in St.. To detect relationship difficulties, can be helpful to understand what is a Beziehunggsproblem at all? We are individuals and change us. Such changes occur often, without you noticing it yourself.

In a relationship, however, he often feels own partner much more likely a change and that manifests itself in a dispute”so Jurg Grundlehner. “But also the insight is important: A conflict in a relationship must be nothing fundamentally negative, relationship problems can be understood as a kind of wake-up call”. Relationship problems are normal and considered itself not the real problem. The approach is mostly because he is disabled, the problem”so Grundlehner, who is Director of the ASTA GmbH, a renowned expert for partner consultation and counseling in St. Gallen. The disproportionate mutual reactions are often the cause of an escalation of the conflict.

Often we rely on conflict resolution strategies that we have acquired us in childhood, but which are no longer suitable for use in adult life. Using transactional analysis communication problems and relationship structures can be detected and changed”, so Jurg Grundlehner, with his training Institute for systemic Transactional analysis also offer supervision and team development in St. Gallen prepared holds. Once identified, the problems are also suitable for conflict solution strategies can be developed”argues Grundlehner. As a formulated problem includes also information on the solution. When my partner advice or psychological counseling in St. Gallen giving no advice and my task is not the evaluation of good and bad behavior in a relationship, but I offer support for the partners themselves to find an appropriate solution”emphasized Jurg Grundlehner offering, including a 3-year training in transactional analysis. Company description the Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen specializes in addition to transactional analysis training single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching. Company contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis upper ditch 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 Fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web: press contact: ASTA Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis Mr Jurg Grundlehner, Director of Institute of upper digging 42 CH – 9000 St.Gallen Tel: +(0) 41 71 500 10 10 fax: +(0) 41 71 500 10 11 E-mail: web: