The Best Pictures From 10 Years Germany

Thursday, 4. July 2019

The best pictures from 10 years Germany Berlin, may 12 – as of today, may 12, 2010 is in the foyer of the German telegram service ticker the photo exhibition open with tradition for the audience. The exhibition shows the 30 selected photographs from the extensive archives of the ddp image coverage. Invited editors and photojournalists cord Dreyer, Managing Director of the news agency group said: for this first photo exhibition of the ddp, we kept deliberately small selection of images. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. You are an example for a ton more photos and represent the quality of our picture coverage and our photographer. Dirk from Borstel, editor-in-Chief image service, researched in the archive, sighted thousands of photos and the shown images selected from it. Spoke at the opening of Borstel images with soul: to depict something or document is not wrong.

However, the challenge is to carry emotions and also reviews with images. Images with soul, where is heart, soul and passion are our goal. The exhibition is still up to the 3. June 2010 in the RAE Rae 52 in Berlin to see. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. More photos of the exhibition, see, search term: ticker with tradition. Or contact ddpimages, Tel Volker Baumgaertner,: 040 734460-222, E-Mail: press contact Mr Wolfgang Zafar DAPD ddp media holding AG Reinhard RT 52, 10117 Berlin E-mail: website: phone: 030 23122-215 agency contact Mr Volker Baumgartner of ddp images GmbH tram ring 7 20251 Hamburg EMail: website: phone: 040 734460-222 ddp Deutscher Depesche GmbH is a news agency, the 700 customers with current texts and images.

The bulk of the German daily newspapers, numerous magazines and magazines, online media, TV – and radio stations, parties and Governments among the customers. Companies, institutions and associations rely on the services of ddp. Berlin is seat of the company. Furthermore, ddp 22 offices in whole Germany and is in all With correspondents represent provinces. Almost 300 work after the takeover of the German service from the Associated Press in December 2009 for the Agency Group permanent text and image journalists and approximately 350 journalistic staff as a freelancer.

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