The First

Friday, 22. February 2019

You adapt their rhythm of mother most of the time they sleep at the same time with her. The mother’s heart beats faster and increases your heart rate, then this is so even when the child to measure. There is evidence, they react with withdrawal when the mother investigative tools are introduced. Deep tones make you cry. Fears, anger, rage and feelings of happiness of the mother are tracked and if hormones are increasingly distributed, the child takes this via the umbilical cord.

Stressed pregnant women the placenta is greater, the birth weight of their children is lower and it can cause preterm delivery. American researchers found, increased cortisol levels during pregnancy worse brain function and lower the IQ of children. It is probably a relic from the time of cavemen, the cortisol level of the babies is not regulated. At the time, it made sense to prepare children for the beginning of a life in an environment with many dangers. Fixed binding corrected stress a sheltered childhood with an intense bond to the mother can damage to compensate for the negative impact by cortisol. It will be difficult if the mother cannot produce this binding, because she herself needed help and man for himself alone.

If the mother as a child has experienced no binding safety, it is very probably not sufficiently capable of teaching them their child. The binding is produced but by more consistent caregivers such as the father, aunt or uncle, so that will improve the conditions for a positive development. Risk of postnatal damage it is known, also after birth can cause injury. After the severance, the child searches for the person who knows it from the mother’s womb. The mother is the first binding and provides emotional food. She is recognized by her voice and her taste. If the baby has the experience, that the mother is present, a binding security evolved.

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