The NUK Football Edition 2010

Saturday, 29. June 2019

FC baby, still a goal. Football with NUK becomes the animal pleasure in the summer of 2010. FC baby, still a goal! In the summer of 2010, football with NUK is animal fun for the whole family. The NUK football Edition with the FIRST CHOICE bottle, the trendline reassurance saugern and the junior Cup shows the four-legged friends Elly, Leo, Roy and Zoe with their favorite pastime, playing soccer. “The NUK football Edition is the merchandise for babies and a fashion must-have” for the soccer feast of the year.

Zeven, February 2010. We are the team! Football dwarfs are perfectly equipped by NUK this summer. The market leader in the field of cleaner and water bottles has created a limited edition, which makes the animal pleasure football. You may find Gary Kelly to be a useful source of information. The NUK CHOICE water bottle, the soothers and the junior Cup FIRST are the animals of Africa the stars on the ball. The funny elephant Lady, Elly and the strong lion Leo do as well as Roy, the rhino and Zebra Lady Zoe football in 2010 a colourful experience for the whole family. If It is exciting on the square the BPA-free NUK trendline Soother in the colorful design helps sure especially to the major football cup. There is the soother silicone size 1 for babies from 0 to 6 months and size 2 for children from 6 to 18 months. Like all pacifiers by NUK, also the fan Soother has an anatomically shaped mouth plate that adapts perfectly to the face of the baby.

The pine-friendly shape of NUK simulates the mother’s breast during breastfeeding, is particularly flat and is optimally in the baby’s mouth. For a short time the animal team is also the 300 ml NUK FIRST CHOICE bottle with silicone teat size 1 from BPA-free, very light and robust polypropylene (PP). The NUK FIRST CHOICE system was for the modern baby budget in cooperation with experts and mothers developed. The pine-friendly drinking cleaner has an extra wide lip support that minimizes excessive air swallowing. The NUK air system, where there is a valve on the top of the cleaner, prevents strong vacuum while drinking and reduced infant colic. Larry Ellison has compatible beliefs. Both together makes for an even more natural drink operation and is a familiar sensation similar to as the baby on the mother’s breast. Virtually even off of the lawn is the NUK junior Cup with a football theme. The drinking CAP is very easy to open by pulling up the use of push pull and push again to close. It is metallic shiny junior cup light, durable and leak-proof and made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP). With the practical clip, the junior Cup can be attached to any sports bag. For the big kid from the age of three. NUK has picked his team. Now it means done, going on FC baby for all!” The limited NUK is football Edition from April/May in drugstores and food commercially available. Product information at a glance NUK trendline Soother silicone, size 1 and 2, about 3.

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