Trogir Ciovo Croatia

Saturday, 1. June 2019

If it goes on holiday to Eastern Europe, Croatia is often the first choice. Croatia has become in recent years one of the most popular tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. Most of southern of Europe at the top of the wish list of travellers stood in former times it comes increasingly to the East. In the very varied and charming places in Croatia, such as Makarska and Tucepi, many vacationers have found their ideal destination for travel split. Croatia belongs to Europe and is located on the Adriatic coast. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. The Bay area is located in a Mediterranean climate. There is good weather guarantee in the summers and winters are indeed moist, however mild. Over a thousand islands belong to Croatia, but only 47 are inhabited.

Split is one of the largest cities in Croatia. The vernacular split likes to call the capital of Dalmatia. Indeed, split in the middle ages, when Croatia was still was a Kingdom, the capital. The region of Dalmatia comprises the southern region of Croatia. Split has a port, which is still very important. The port city is since 1979 to the UNESCO World Heritage. The Diocletian’s Palace built by Emperor Diokletian characterizes today the historic centre of split.

Sveti Duje Cathedral is located in the old town. It is worth to climb the tower and to consider split from above. The island of Ciovo is located off the coast of Dalmatia. A bridge connects the equally attractive old town of Trogir Ciovo. Ciovo is a green oasis, the rest from the hectic city life promises. Bushes, cypresses and pines dominate the island of Ciovo vacation. Like vacationers arrive in Ciovo, to take advantage of the favourable conditions for a seaside holiday. Since Ciovo located not far from split, a day trip is advisable. History buffs should visit Seget or OMIS. Because the places look back on a long history, there are numerous historical buildings. The same applies to Podgora or Baska Voda. Andreas Mettler

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