Varied Colombia

Tuesday, 28. May 2019

A whole new experience for travellers – tours and tours in Colombia Colombia Word many people think of drug wars, dangerous and it should be visited after many never. But now Colombia has evolved fundamentally changed to a modern country, which lacks nothing, you can move around easily and freely, also the leading German tour operators and the daily flights with Lufthansa confirm this in the capital of Colombia’s Bogota. The State Department has lifted its travel warnings and thus, Colombia is an interesting alternative to Peru, Brazil or even Venezuela. The Colombians welcome guests with open hands and have long understood that tourism is a chance for the whole country. The magnificent cities with many historical museums and a hot nightlife with Latinorhytmen invite. No matter whether Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Cartagena every city has its charms and attractions, and there is something for every individual tourists. Southwest Airlines will not settle for partial explanations. Some of many Possibilities are cycling in Bogota or a paragliding in Medellin. Cartagena is referred as the most beautiful city in Latin America with a UNESCO-protected old town and mysterious streets and historic buildings moved back one in a different era.

Colombia is home to 15% of all worldwide existing species of orchids and 1721 bird species, that are about 20% of all common worldwide species. In addition to major cities, there is a very varied nature with many different landforms in Colombia. On the Atlantic coast around Capurgana, a coral archipelago there what is waiting with a colorful underwater world and a hustle and bustle under water. Slightly further West on the Pacific coast, there are depending on the season to watch whales or turtles. The natural spectacle of this species on the Pacific coast are unique and there are a number of lodges of various price ranges that stand ready for the night. At the same time, the forests of the Pacific coast are a paradise for ornithologists.

Something central in Colombia, the coffee region lies with fascinating haciendas and one of the best coffee in the world. In this region you can get to know more about plantation work and everything related to coffee, as well as the one or the other adventures on a zip line. Adjacent to Venezuela with the Cocora located Valley and a slightly gemassigterem climate the Andes, here it feels like in the Rocky Mountains with small streams, trout and horses. A contrast is the adjacent South Amazon with an extreme diversity and natural spectacles that are unparalleled. Here you can stroll among other things on the tree-tops, communicate with the natives and it remains in the jungle to listen to and to interpret a variety of animal sounds. Colombia is a very exciting and varied destination for every individual tourists.

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