Virginia Islands

Friday, 15. February 2019

They were so far as an insider’s tip, the British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands under Caribbean travelers ausgepichten. Only in recent years, the charming British Virgin Islands have awakened from their slumber. Tourist they have long stood in the shadow of the United States Virgin Islands. Since the island longing drives increasing throngs of visitors on the big and small Antilles, hardly an island in the island Garland between Cuba and Trinidad tourism has remained unaffected. Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands in 1493 on his second voyage and named it in honor of Saint Ursula and her virgins 11000. On one of the 70 islands that today are among the British Virgin Islands, he saw many doves, hence the name of Tortola.

The shape of another island reminded the imaginative explorers of a dormant, luscious woman, so he named it Virgin Gorda, the fat Virgin”. Tortola and Virgin Gorda are favorite islands of tourists and Retired from the United States, Canada and Western Europe. And Caribbean cruises. Cruise ships call at the small island’s capital of road town on Tortola. Green-clad mountains fall steeply to the sea, forming picturesque bays, but they leave few options for plantation crops and urbanisation. The island’s capital of road town turns out to be a village on a winding coastal road. The tourist office is located in a breezy House with colorful shutters, wooden stairs and a veranda.

Most of the other houses of the village are in this style. Walking on the street, market and housewives balance spring and bristle livestock fruit bundles, boxes and buckets on their heads. Holidaymakers attracts it to the romantic beaches like little Apple Bay and Cane garden Bay on Tortola. There you can also his tent or sleep in a hammock. Also on Virgin Gorda, a beach is more beautiful than the other. The bath with its smooth, Sun-warm granite rocks, crystal clear water, is at its best the spotless white sand and tropical flora in the background. Many beaches are as paradisiacal as the world before the fall. The days pass with swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and reading. And with sailing. The archipelago of the Virginia Islands is the most beautiful sailing area in the Caribbean in addition to the Grenadines. The new Marina at road town has a large fleet of rental yachts. Routes and prices can be found here. Heino Tegeler

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