Witex Elastoclic

Thursday, 16. May 2019

Vinyl parquet Clic system disadvantages the HDF substrate but also has drawbacks. These are on the one in the height from 10 to 10.5 mm, which can require higher effort during the renovation. It should be measured so precisely in advance what maximum height of new flooring may have. Door frames and doors must be shortened any exactly with a multimaster or a circular saw or jigsaw. Another disadvantage resulted also from the HDF. This consists of wood fibers and can therefore sources. Therefore, the use of vinyl design engineered hardwood flooring in wet areas is limited. The HDF carrier commercial-ready vinyl flooring system are therefore impregnated in part, E.g.

Witex Elastoclic object with Aqua protect (here in the test). Vinyl-parket (approx. 35 to 45 EUR) compared to normal vinyl planks high material price relativizes itself especially if the Flooring quickly and easily should be laid so that expensive installation service manager can be saved. Should the ground is laid by a specialist company, can be calculated without more preparatory work with additional 5-10 EUR per square meter (much less, as for the laying of the normal”vinyl-Designbelag planks. Test and comparison of vinyl parquet differ primarily only by the varying surface the tested vinyl parquet flooring. This stands for the robustness and durability of flooring at a certain intensity of use. Even the bottom with the lowest surface layer of Profilor but already know the highest wear class 23 for the private scope, and a warranty of 15 years.

Thus all is actually said. Which vinyl flooring you ultimately choose, depends on minimal equipment differences and the available accessories. Expona Clic of Objectflor offers the most realistic nature from our point of view patterns. Matching skirting boards are missing however. Witex Elastoclic boasts large selection of decors with rusty steel, among others”, while Vinatura has a beneficial characteristic with its two layers of Cork, also with complete skirting program.

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