With The Cruise Ship To Bergen

Wednesday, 28. November 2018

The third largest city in Norway is target many Norway cruises cruises looking in our cruise database for Norway with the aim of mountains, we get almost 1,000 hits. This is a of course because that start the mail ships of the Hurtigruten in mountains north. But many cruise ships visit the city by fjord. A Norway cruise without mountains is hard to imagine. The cruise ships of AIDA Cruises, TUI cruises, Costa Cruises, or MSC Cruises will be in mountains in the Jack in the hand.

In the unfortunately rare sunshine, Bergen is a picturesque fjord town. Top she looks at hubschesten, by the Hill of Ulrikken (319 meters high, with mountain railway) about or from another of the mountains of Bergen or also from the medieval tower of the Rosary Harbour waterfront Bryggen. The beautiful city is located on a peninsula between seven mountains (landmarks and Namenspatrone) and the by fjord. Enjoying a colourful harbour with a still more colorful fish and flower market, a Royal Castle at the port entrance, a Romanesque Gothic St. Mary’s Church, as well as some leftover old trading houses. Bergen makes aware the impression, as it would be their age, their importance and past. Mountains is more than 1,000 years old, was the former royal residence and always a fishing town with Royal privileges. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this.

German merchants in the 14th and 15th century played the Lords so impressively that the Royal Court departed to Oslo. Bergen was something like a German Bruges. The offices of the Hanseatic factory dominated the movement of goods in the North and acted on as they see fit. To the exasperation of the resident, they fortified their waterfront Tyskebryggen (German bridge) and blew out OLAF nuts life light Knight. They lost their prerogatives until more than a hundred years later (1560), the Hanseatic Museum occupies it. The inhabitants of Bergen have endured the past with the same proverbial wit rain such as that (year 1850 mm; however, Bremen 663 mm). A little boy asks a stranger in the pouring rain: how long time it rains yet? On the.Boy: don’t know. I’m only eight years old. The basic equipment of the tour bus a bunch of umbrellas, to the Basic program of shore excursions in mountains of course the ride belongs to the reconstructed stave church in of Fantoft and at the summer home of Edvard Grieg. The church built in the 12th century in rod design is the most beautiful of its kind; many times she posed on Norway catalogues and brochures. And because this is so, is run over, arriving tourists by road and sea, pretty in the summer, a fate that it shares with the nearby Troldhaugen. Wedding at Troldhaugen Grieg has set a worthy monument to his 22 years loved and used summer house, today there is a monument to the composer, a museum filled with memorabilia. Grieg and his wife are buried close to the House. The musician should put whenever he left the House, alleged burglars a piece of paper of the following: Please leave the notes. You get nothing for this.Your shore excursion in mountains for tips on this Web page. Heino Tegeler

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