Yes Leadership

Tuesday, 2. April 2019

Through Professor of organizational behavior, in addition to workshops, weeklies taught in this regard, emphasis is give way to a new leadership, not just identifying needs, opportunities for the environment where models, encouraging the development of the company work, but the Community country in order to provide solutions to the problems faced, proposals,, showing new paradigms for Venezuelan administrative needs, to which is a genuine favourable organizational culture. Becomes much emphasis that future leaders have presented some aspects that must be analyzed, considered in its exercise, including pro precisely this cultivate empathy that is neglected by many who want to become leaders. Be considered that the skills to understand with people deserve more attention from which usually is paid when speaking of leadership. Some of those skills as human behavior experts, indicate it may teach but not all. Bennis (1990) thereon tells us, that empathy (charisma) is maybe something that an individual has or does not have. Not all leaders have it, but many Yes. By the way, in your company, organization, work, you think that empathy is manifested? What is your opinion on the matter? Do you consider that it is an important feature? It is estimated that our national leaders in top positions in the country, have empathy or are in that position by the tentacles of power. By the same guilds Marty Kaplan once said: I have known leaders that they had nothing of that quality and, however they were leaders, but which Yes had it have impressed me and inspired me more.

Has this happened it to you?, why that empathy do favourable? what has motivated him, captivated specifically her?. Gloria Steinen for his part added: there are many excellent, efficient people who don’t know about empathy. Since then, Rogerd Gould, CITES him empathy is not the only factor to win people, sometimes you need to establish a kind of leadership by consensus, based on that it was the group who raises problems and seeks solutions.

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