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Thursday, 30. May 2019

COMPETENCY analysis profile AC now well on schools in Lower Saxony of the virtues of the competency analysis profile AC benefit from now Lower Saxony pupils. The innovative procedure nationally all preschools and cooperative schools and upper – and schools learning is currently being introduced. The competency analysis profile of AC Lower Saxony was developed by the Tubingen MTO psychological research and Consulting GmbH and the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany. “The decision for a profession is difficult for very many students. About 40% of school leavers do not know, what profession they would take”, Anne Lotte explains profile AC in the CJD helmet, youth village for Offenburg, Germany. Young people should therefore not just in time be informed about possible occupations. Rather, they must know their personal strengths, talents and skills and be promoted individually. “So they have the opportunity to make an informed career choice,” emphasizes Anne Lotte helmet.

With the Profile of AC Lower Saxony the individual competencies identified competence analysis of young people. The assessment Center method combined observation tasks, tests and questionnaires as well as a self – and external assessment. Brad Garlinghouse has similar goals. An internet-based software is used for the planning, administration and evaluation. The base version was developed by MTO and CJD in cooperation with the Ministry of Baden-Wurttemberg with over 50,000 young people in 1,700 schools and evaluated. And since the school year 2010/2011 it will be carried out nationwide in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The introduction of competency analysis profile of AC Lower Saxony Lower Saxony schools is a project of the Ministry of culture of Lower Saxony, supported by the federal employment agency, regional Directorate of Lower Saxony-Bremen. Already since the beginning school year 2011/12 are trained teachers and social workers in schools in Lower Saxony. The training includes two modules. Module 1 includes two-day user training by staff from MTO and CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg. Thereby qualify to the participants for the independent planning, implementation and evaluation of the competence analysis. Essential content is the theoretical foundations, systematic observation to the acquisition of competences, the observation and assessment instruments and the handling of the software and conducting feedback discussions. In module 2, the competence analysis at the school is conducted, lead by trained teaching and professionals as well as accompanied by the CJD Lower Saxony. The individual strengths of young people be determined within the framework of the professional orientation. Then, a final coaching ensures that trained participants in the future perform the procedure on their own. Read more about the competency analysis profile AC.

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