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Saturday, 9. March 2019

There are many different opinions about the perfect cover letter it’s always surprising how candidates neglect the most important document of their application: letter of motivation. It is their ticket to the job interview. It decides success or defeat if they do it properly. There are enough free cover letter sample, where they can orient themselves, on the Internet. It is generally not advisable to copy the application a personal touch is missing and the other recruiters at the job interview pretty quickly realize whether copying was complete.

In this case is again: honesty lasts longest. What should include a letter of motivation 1 personal benefits your application should emphasize their personal strengths. Here, they should act honestly and authentically without selling below value. A young graduates can hardly claim he had several years of experience in leading position in the field of controlling. Tip: You can use following formula for this area: your personal strength/property + benefits for the company “example: in addition to my sympathetic appearance (positive property) I have a high degree of motivation to learn new things, to achieve as soon as possible-excellent results (positive property).” (Benefit for the company) “while taking advantage for the company, you can use also the requirements of the job.” But beware: Not literally copy. Recruiters say something immediately. 2.

for your application, this point is underestimated by most reason. “It shows the entrepreneurs, whether they themselves thought, why you want to work at this company or to basically copy & paste” apply. They would perhaps take on an advanced area of responsibility or they can identify personal interests with the company’s products? Also get thoughts and increase their probability, that they will be invited to interview. 3. correct salutation of the correct title is much too little attention. An application consists of many important details, not a major. You need to consider the times from the perspective of the Chief of staff. He flies over daily several dozen applications and punishes small errors immediately. If no contact person in the job, call the company and ask for. This shows Eigenintiative and proves that they think. This banal difference often decide whether or not they receive an invitation to an interview. Therefore, take the two minutes and bring the name of the contact person in experience. 4. faultless cover letter spelling mistakes are punished immediately and are a sign of lack of accuracy for the HR. He thinks to himself, if he even can deliver an application correctly, how we should assign to then more responsible tasks him? Tip: Leave again proofread your application from a friend. 5. real subject should so exactly the subject be as possible. “Their advertisement from 12.03. 20xx” is much too general and in addition gives the investigating person work because she must search in their letter for more information on what job they are applying. Also, it suggests that you want which gave no trouble and basically at all do not work. 6 correct address even one little thing, which can lead to the unnecessary departure from their letter of motivation. There is no peinlicheres as to misspell the name of the company. Check them again thoroughly before you submit the complete application dossier. 7. own signature forget you not, that an application should contain always a personal touch. This starts with the selection of the application folder, goes beyond your personal letter and is completed with your confident signature. Good luck with your application!

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