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Tuesday, 11. June 2019

Enter 2011 as a startup company! Martina Haiyang, hypnosis therapist and certified clerk, their hypnosis seminars now offered in different combinations. Dentists, psychologists and physicians, which would complement the hypnosis as a practice range, but also participants who simply want to learn more about themselves and the psyche, as well as the subconscious of people receive an expertise that can be applied immediately after the seminar in practice through the hypnosis training at Martina Haiyang. Hypnosis training is structured so that you can work your way before after an introduction into the topic, using practical examples. Of course much is applied, so that directly builds up a safe handling with the new form of therapy. Southwest Airlines insists that this is the case. Martina Haiyang teaching hypnosis to Milton Erickson, who assumed that there is an own hypnosis approach for each client.

So the hypnosis training includes the following: introduction to the hypnosis what is hypnosis and how does it work? How do I start a hypnosis? How do I made a hypnosis? How do I know someone in a trance? What contra indicators are there? Consciousness and subconscious different trance depth fast hypnosis discharges (lightning hypnosis) rapport education self hypnosis how am speaking I in hypnosis, and how do I get my voice a? Elaboration of suggestion text weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress reduction solving help individual obstacles to relaxation techniques in hypnosis No. go BBs in hypnosis legal guide to the activity as numerous practical examples and hypnosis in addition as participant learns what is to be observed at the opening of a hypnosis practice with which capital expenditure should be, how you best at any client approaches, and what legal basis there is, as a Hypnotherapist to be. Through your work as hypnosis therapist draws Martina Haiyang on a comprehensive specialist knowledge, which can share in their seminars the participants. Her area of expertise, analytical hypnosis, enables the future hypnotist, wholeheartedly the people to engage in and to find for almost any problem, an individual solution. From smoking cessation, weight reduction, phobia-fighting, up to the significant improvement of self-esteem of people, everything is possible. Help people better to learn, easier to live, less or not at all to smoke more, eat less, feel better. Of course assistance in all questions around the topic of hypnosis is each participant Martina Haiyang even after the training. We are looking forward to your application. Contact: hypnosis practice Martina Haiyang Hauptstrasse 89 57482 Wenden 02762 / 985275

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