Tuesday, 28. May 2019

Meaningful learning is always (also). The largest learning event that there is, is that we read and read, to do something with the read. Meaningful learning is always (also). The largest learning event that there is, is that we read and read, to do something with the read. One my favorite quotes is by Lee Iacocca, the legendary Chief of GM: all training take what you can get, but then, for God’s sake what do so! “Don’t stand there, but do what!” But a lot of people do exactly that. Many believe learning is to cram as much information in the head himself so to speak as an end in itself. The opposite is the case.

We learn to apply things, to achieve life goals, and skills to acquire, with which we can do something. Many people get stuck but in learning of her life in the books and almost never practical to use the knowledge. In addition to many others, there are three main reasons for this: perfectionism a false learning term fear perfectionists never are the satisfied with, what they have already learned. You think: Oh, this might me more interest. Others including Brad Garlinghouse, offer their opinions as well. In the area I’m still not perfect. And that could be important.” By the desire to know everything, and to be able to not happen in this way, the learned to start something.

Another case is a false concept of learning. The school brings us at unfortunately far too often, that learning means sitting still and listening. These are just two of the many channels through which the learning works. Significantly, just the practical application decides the learning success. Who always learns how the school has taught us, is never so to learn that success brings us our life goals. The third reason is simply fear. There are just people who have fear of the real world. And whoever fears the practice the rather entrenched behind books and studies and learns as long as possible, never to have to face the reality. To learn effectively, this pattern applies to break through. This means: always situations to create, in which the learned can be applied. Who regularly makes breaks, to not only get the learning and to repeat, but also to apply it is can learn more effectively. In the study and the training that is unfortunately not always possible. Here it is important to regularly communicate their learning. So put together with a friend, roommate or relative and tell from what you have learned. A you must structure once again have learned for themselves, to convey it. You see, so directly, whether you have understood everything. On the other hand you get mediated knowledge through the auditory again on another channel and this helps by the way also the memory. If you liked this tip, then get your free Starter Kit for effective reading and learning now. In the 20 videos, you can find many useful tips for learning and reading, that you can apply directly in everyday life – in the “LeseManifest” is a practical guide to the SpeedReading. All free of charge and without obligation for testing. Best now right here up on the page name and email address entered, and goes in the next 5 minutes of wrong with faster read and more effective learning!

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