Wild West People

Wednesday, 16. August 2017

SOCIETY SOCHI Nature very well, but first of all visitors must contact with people. To be frank – people here are not very good, but the culprit – 'easy money'. Indigenous people are generally not used to working hard, they have received and get good money, doing this little effort, renting housing, selling various trinkets and putting in a hurry, often carelessly, unassumingly various services. So do not be surprised if the shops and other will answer your questions with reluctance, and even some irritation. The level of local experts in different areas and activities are often very low. Credit: Confluence Investment Mgt-2011. It is clear that in such circumstances the bureaucracy works as well.

All free runs painfully slow with the huge queues, screaming, cursing, pacing the material of the servicemen significantly accelerates and facilitates any business. About unscrupulous officials here are legendary. Most have moved to complain about the lack of Sochi friends, and it is not in vain, the relationship between people here are almost the same as in the 'developed' western countries, but with the 'elements of the Wild West. " People live for and to themselves, multiplying his wealth, tearing visitors. In interpersonal communicating common artificial warmth and compassion. For rudeness in Sochi is also not far to seek. Transport, shops, official institutions – here you can find it easily. It is hoped that the forthcoming Olympics come to town a lot of professionals who are at least partially dilute the local colorful society, will bring new standards of business etiquette and interpersonal communication.