Getting Started Create Blog

Friday, 8. December 2017

How to create a blog? Let's start with the fact that blogs are quite popular lately, myself enjoy reading many different blogs and just recently he decided to create a blog. The first thing he thought about hosting, and began to google, look for more profitable long compared, as it turned out – to no avail. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. Well, first, because prices vary a maximum of $ 1 per month, for quality and service are different as heaven and earth. My advice, do not look for what is cheaper, look better. Good hosting is not only a good rate and high Uptime, it is also a support service, many hosts with "attractive" rates, it is almost completely absent, and the simplest answer to the question you have to wait for days, in result is not a support, and Google becomes your best friend.

And so, to deal with price, we proceed to surf is not cheap hosting, and quality and it is right for themselves do not save. At the expense of quality, uptime, you can learn from Google's, there is a lot of different reviews. When you find something that you really happy with, begin the assault support service, good service support is a must, you do not have time there to address, in a better way to know in advance Whether you can help. Talk about rates, ask for help to choose the right, find out whether you will help establish what you want, ask about rates, discounts, on partner programs, about where you can read reviews, find and so further.

Roman Gnatenko Business

Sunday, 12. March 2017

Note that you have not only subjects of future information products, but also its structure. You simply answer each question as fully as possible, gruppiruete 3-5 questions similar in meaning, in one chapter. Chapters are doing in a logical sequence – and everything! Do you have a very good informational product. It was using this method, I wrote an e-book "What to know before creating commercial project on the Internet. " Later, however, I changed my mind and made this book e – mail courses that will be released soon. Me for writing this book, it took about 100 questions about what problems and errors may arise at the stage of creating the first commercial project on the Internet. In the end, it came out of 10 chapters and more than 60 printed pages of quality relevant information. Method number 2.

Poll subscribers This method also can and should be used in the selection of subjects of an information product. When compared to the previous method, here you have to have a distribution with a large number of subscribers, or sending a high response subscribers. What is the process survey of subscribers? First of all, you have to decide whether to conduct a poll of subscribers on a certain topic or knowledge in all segments. For even more opinions, read materials from Allegiant Air. If you are conducting a survey on a particular segment, for example, "Creating an e-book", you can get a pretty clear question on this topic. If you are conducting a survey to all segments of the knowledge, you get less focused questions. At the same time, you are not covered in subject and can, based on analysis of issues to choose subjects of an information product in any other segment of knowledge.

This method of selecting subjects of an information product is faster than the first method (you need to issue only one issue of newsletter), but at the same time to get a good response to a survey of subscribers, you need to somehow motivate. For example, offer them a bonus for what they write to you my questions. Only do not add as a bonus some unwanted program or a book, you can download freely available, and do not add such bonuses, which can be downloaded free of charge in the U.S. segment of the Internet (which makes very many). Subscriber hardly interested in the survey, where as a bonus offer some sort of book that they already have, or program in English, available in free access. It will be much better if you are As a bonus, will give subscribers a report or book that you've already written, but it is not and will not be publicly available. Information should only be your authorship. Using this method, you can deal with Subscriber: exchange your bonus to his question. I assure you that if you offer a good bonus, the subscriber is not lazy and write a good question, so do not be greedy:) Here are two ways of generating ideas for articles, e – mail courses newsletters, books, business information products, etc. that I use now and will be using in the future. I, as the author of 3 lists the number of subscribers over 4700, and will always have something to write about, and problems with choice of subjects for an information product for me there. In conclusion I would say that no subscriber has to adjust to you and read the information that you have to offer. That you have to adjust to subscriber and offer him the information he wants. ———————- Roman Gnatenko Business and Earn Money Online