Depending Concrete

Tuesday, 4. July 2023

Repair work carried out in order to achieve the design characteristics of the walls, divided into three groups: complete recovery or increase the carrying capacity of elements, providing heat-shielding properties of the walls; restoration of the integrity and aesthetic appearance of the protective and decorative coatings. Performance of these works by the form (use) of the walls and stuff. By type of wall can be: load-bearing, the load of own weight, floors, roofs, wind power and payload, self-supporting, performing functions fence and look forward to the load of its own weight, mounted, perform only the function of the fence. In Depending on the material the walls are divided into two main groups: wood, erected of logs, timbers and lumber; stone, erected of brick and stone, concrete (regular and light) and reinforced concrete. Jeff Bakalar understood the implications. Stone walls may be continuous with inserts or layers of Sediment, of which large-differ primarily by the number of layers: one-, two-and three-layer. Three-layer reinforced concrete walls (panels) were in practice unreliable: they freeze in the locations of ribs, which are ‘cold bridges’, in addition, soft padding inside the panels compacted over time and, if using, for example, polystyrene insulation (board) for its humidity autumn-winter period is increased resulting in thermal engineering quality of the walls without obvious damage is particularly limited. Damage to the wooden walls in the main arise because of lack of reliable waterproofing of foundations, resulting in lower parts of walls are often over-moisturized.

Alternate drying and wetting of the walls creates a favorable conditions for the spread of decay, accelerating because of the low-quality wood presepvation. Damage to stone walls occur mainly due to: the swelling and subsidence of foundations grounds, destruction of vertical coupling of masonry with concrete and reinforced concrete, the walls of large-destruction of joints due to poor protection from moisture and freezing, local disruption of the violation drainage castings, handling some of the walls by punching in their doorways, installation of additional equipment and floors, etc. damaging the walls arise as a result of violations of the operating conditions space, moisture and frost walls, exposure to aggressive and walls from damage. For repair work on the walls include putting on some solution or weakened sections of fallen walls, some bricks, stones and other small parts sealing cracks, restoration of the protective layer of reinforcement in concrete structures of the walls, strengthening or repair bridges, careful sealing of vertical joints coarse-and large-panel buildings, strengthening the walls of belts, squeezing, clips or cages, eliminating the deviation from the vertical walls; relining of individual sections of the walls, increase heat-protecting construction, repair of exterior and interior plaster, paint some walls and parts of structures appropriate paint and weatherproof structures. To repair and recovery efforts should begin only After examination, the establishment and elimination of the causes of deformation, damage or deterioration of the performance of a fence.

The Shadow

Tuesday, 4. June 2019

On heavy pounds for the rear wall of stacked vertical drainage layer and arrange the diversion of water outside the wall. An alternative construction of the drainage system will fill the top half of the space between the wall and the terrace is not heavy soil from the site, and light and moisture capacity nutrient mixture (river sand, garden soil, peat, compost). The same nutrient mixture and used for paving stones. In this soil-cover plants are planted between the stones directly during the construction of the wall. Stones picked individually and placed them on the system stack dressing so that held down by the construction of its own weight. Landscape composition in addition to the external landscape style perfection and harmony, the eastern landscape gardens are filled with deep philosophical meaning, which they know not all. For example, one of the most popular methods in Japan, forming the landscape of the triangle rule involves the use of three elements defining the eastern world, – "Blue", "Soe", "Hikae." Translated, it means "Heaven", "Man," "Earth". Oracle is full of insight into the issues. In this case, these three elements are represented by massive granite boulders that are placed in a special way in the soft lace and penumbras of trees surrounded by several soil blanket plants.

In the foreground is a large flat stone, symbolizing the Earth, in the back – tall, netolsty in vertical section, nonrecurrent boulder representing the sky, and between them – put forward in side convex, nearly circular stone denoting man. On the perimeter landscape composition are planted as ground cover plants. so they can grow to the area with a diameter at least three times to exceed the height of the rear boulder. Causeway with shade-tolerant plants, a shady path paved with slate perfectly decorate mossy granite boulder, which can be ordered in the landscape of the company or try to find themselves. These stones look best is in the shadow of mature trees and shade-tolerant plants loose. Moss in the sun dies out very quickly, and if you have damaged it in transit, we can stimulate growth of new mosses and lichens with yogurt. Simply apply it to the pores or grooves in the stone. Feature of this landscape composition – the use of large stones and large masses of shade-tolerant perennials. In the shadow of the bright colors leaves and flowers of different is bad, so better to look around the track three-dimensional green or white bush plants, the area which must be proportionate to the square of the composition. On small plots of each plant should grow to 1.5-2 m 3 area, and in large areas – up to 2-3 m2.

Decorative Plasters

Thursday, 14. March 2019

One of the most interesting phases of repair is the decoration of the room. Choose something that will please you for years is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When you register the premises in recent years increasingly being used decorative plaster walls and other architectural compositions (arches, columns), and even ceilings. It is a versatile material that can withstand well as raw space, and high temperatures. May used both inside buildings and for exterior cladding. Decorative plaster give an opportunity to give your walls the effect of noble antiquity – the emphasis on warmth, peace and comfort, luster of marble – it's cool, consistency and wealth; aged stone – confidence, stability and taste, the brilliance of gold – warmth, security and luxury. Options endless, a flight of fancy is not limited to – just have to choose.

Design of apartments Photos in the market represented a huge number of plasters from different manufacturers and operedelit, what do you want, it's hard. First of all, we should understand the key points when choosing wall coverings under the general the name of the decorative plaster. In our country the standards for this type of finish does not exist yet. The names of such materials translated from other languages are not adhering to a certain standard, in that we have a number of different plasters – interior, structural, texture, relief, texture and more. Beautiful and alluring title, but the meaning they are practically identical and the differences are not significant.

Art Nouveau

Saturday, 3. November 2018

But this does not mean that the entire interior of the house will be maintained in one colors. Color of the bathroom can be as bright contrasting 'flash' colors on the background of transparent light interior rest of the house. If the area of the bathroom is small, then use a bright, saturated colors that will make space is more open and airy. Using on different walls different colors, you reduce the space of a large room and it will become more comfortable. Deep colors and rich hues of lemon, scarlet, beige color mahogany, rosewood or copper are ideally suited to create the bath kind of a haven for relaxation.

A color transparency of an early morning: silver, sky blue, cream, peach light up the room with light, heralding the joy of a new day. If the color is selected, you must think about furniture placement and the best options. Modern companies producing bathroom furniture perfectly oriented to the needs of modern person, produce comfortable, practical and at the same time fashionable and stylish furniture sets. Ordinary sink, it turns out, can be transformed into a work of art, with a comfortable and practical. Furniture Bathrooms differs another important characteristic: it consists of separate elements, easy stacking in a variety of options, depending on the size of the bathroom and desires of owners. So out of each set of furniture, produced by modern factories can choose individual modules liked and convert them to his own interior. As well as in furniture, such as living room, bathroom furniture available in the classical variant, and Art Nouveau, and in a variety of options for contemporary styles.

Planting Apple Trees

Thursday, 28. January 2016

For planting apple trees typically use annual, biennial and triennial seedlings, which are closely inspected before planting and remove decayed, the damaged roots, and broken branches, cutting them up to living tissue. Before planting, the roots of desirable dip into the soil or clay mash that they are not shriveled. The roots evenly dispersed in all directions at planting seedling stem put on a mound. The place where the roots go into the trunk called the root collar, she at planting should be located 6-8 cm above the soil surface. When backfilling the root collar plant is not growing and poorly developed, and bad fruit. More information is housed here: Facebook. If on the contrary increase root collar too high above the ground, then dry out the roots. During the seedling roots burrowing slightly shake the earth to fill all the gaps between the roots. When the roots are buried, the soil lightly tamped on a circle pit doing well for irrigation.

Then planted seedlings watered with 20-30 liters. per plant, and mulch well align with peat, straw (or any other suitable material) so that the soil does not dry out. Seedling free cola soft tie to material without damaging the bark. Easier to land together. When planting apple seedlings grafted onto rootstocks, oriented to place inoculation of seedlings. Bury it in the soil as it is impossible.

On heavy soils around these seedlings should not make holes, because they accumulate water and the bark of the rootstock can rot the site of implantation. At least frost-resistant apple seedlings is inset in dwarf rootstock, delivered between grafted onto rootstock variety and strong-growing. These plants need to fill the ground to the upper connection to the grafted variety. Often confused with the root collar of seedlings inoculation site, which is located above the root collar inches 8.