Health Office

Saturday, 10. August 2019

I believe that the optimal schedule a. Only from 9 to 18, well may be from 10 to 19. And what else? b. Schedule? A possible somehow without the graphics? Begin when the want and finish when you get? c. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. This is one that allows you to combine work and school without damaging the latter. Work in the afternoon, for example, or on weekends, it would be Health 3. Would you like to use in the knowledge that you get in college now? a.

Knowledge? What knowledge? I study quantum chemistry (applied linguistics, history of the Far North, particularly mating octopus), and want to sit in the O-p-i-c-e! What there can be octopi b. It would be nice to earn money because I already know and can do. I decide to excellent puzzles (make a good translation, perfect Church, I write the program)! c. For even more details, read what Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen says on the issue. If such it was possible 🙂 I'm always better at explaining how and what to do, but that's the most write out the components of the elasticity in spherical coordinates (look for the rank of 7 on 7, the transfer of "War and Peace" to the Norwegian and Erland Lu in Russian, how to draw a bicycle hub "Schoolboy") I've always liked a lot less 4. Can you calm, not irritating to explain something as long as you do not understand? a. Oh, yes! I'm a hundred and one ready to repeat You what I want in office manager. Do you have an office? b.

Foreign Language

Monday, 19. November 2018

Foreign language is in high demand. Beyond the traditional schools of languages, other alternatives exist, in accordance with its objective, to learn a language. It sees some options: Courses in the exterior What it is better: to invest in a lasting course in Brazil or to make an immersion in the language through a trip for the exterior? For who it cannot be moved away from the country and wants a contact with a foreign language, the ideal is to choose a school of languages in Brazil. It has schools that they offer immersion to the week ends, normally it are of the environment of lessons, and trips in group with the intention to practise a foreign language. For who it has time and money to invest, the best option still is the courses in the exterior, where the student coexists 24 hours per day fluentes in the language. IF HE WILL NOT HAVE TIME TO STUDY USES the AID BELOW Has who judges to be one I exaggerate, but interchange agents say that two weeks of a course in the exterior are equivalent to a semester of regular lessons in Brazil.

When travelling for exterior, the student must prevent to say to the language materna. It is important to use to advantage the interchange to enter in contact with the maximum of fluentes people in the language that if wants to learn. Fast courses Who desires to learn a new language in little time can opt to the courses of short duration, that, in Brazil, on average, have 18 months. In these courses, the students have between three and five days of lesson per week, what she generates a bigger contact with the other language. Although they have registered a very great growth in recent years in the country, the fast courses receive some restrictions from specialists.


Thursday, 22. February 2018

Should know that there are big differences between the multiple types of investment funds that exist. In this case, I will mention some of the differences between high yield investment funds and stabilized income investment funds. While high yield investment funds are funds formed for investors with extensive experience in the financial market, having capital from 25, 000 dollars, stabilized income investment funds are managed by brokers who maintain the flotation of resources in the most cost-effective instrument according to its consideration. On the other hand, if an investor wants to enter the highly profitable investment funds, you do you do with professional managers who work with regulated brokers, who are willing to offer you constant reports about the movement of the background. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Coupang. And while the high yield investment funds can be managed in several markets, stabilized by his side, income funds are so complex to operate, which in its most are managed by computers that perform snapshot operations on prediction, sale and purchase. Both options are excellent when it comes to investing, but art thou who ultimately must decide what is best for your chaos in particular. A. Verastegui hold..

Professor Morton Smith

Saturday, 6. January 2018

For religious people, the name of Jesus is a name that feeds us, a name that transports us. His name is able to raise the dead and the living to make beautiful. John Henry Newman there are many relevant notes in the passage of Jesus for this planet, which not only manifested in his life, his mission, his lost steps that we talk so much about, do not know specifically where he was, his teachings, works that bring big questions and invite those who are fully identified with what we bequeathed to take them into accountinvestigate, determine which is the reality of all this, if really interested in the truth. Way of expressing some of these facts, events, stories, things that have been written about him, his life, work, exhibit some notes, where his sources and content are respected. The reader will determine those that draw more attention and that maybe has replaced truthful about them that could be shared to those who are interested in these topics. Notes: Many specialists consider the Document Q as the first of the Gospels known. It’s a written source composed mostly by sayings and teachings of Jesus interspersed with some accounts of his life.

The Q document that inspired Matthew and Luke is not a Gospel, but a collection of sayings of Jesus. The term Q is derived from the word Quelle (source in German) and it is known who named it that way first was Johannes Weiss in a work written in 1890. The archaeological discovery in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, carried out by an Arab peasant in December 1945, laid bare the so-called Gnostic Gospels or papyri of Nag Hammadi, some of which contained material, much older than the four classic Gospels.


Tuesday, 22. August 2017

– We'll fly to the moon! – And We'll fly in the sun! – You 'burn'! – And we carefully! Astronauts on the moon. I recently saw a television broadcast of the landing of American astronauts to the Moon. Until now, there are disputes about what all the videos rigged in Hollywood studios. Surprising silence of experts about the following aspects of the issue. During the disaster at Chernobyl NPP 1986.

People have a huge dose of radiation, being in the danger zone for 10-15 minutes, and subsequently received radiation sickness. Also used robotic excavators and bulldozers, which could not withstand the radiation level at 100-200 mR / h and out of order. We emphasize that it was in 1986. And we show that even in 1969. American astronauts traveled to the lunar surface for wheeled vehicles. How can this be? It is known that the Earth is protected from effects of cosmic radiation by a magnetic field. Orbital stations are also in this field at an altitude no higher than 400 km from the Earth's surface. When there is a flash in the sun, the astronauts are hiding from the radiation in a special protective compartment of the ISS.

And in these video materials we show that the astronauts walk on the lunar surface, although it has no magnetic field and the radiation level reaches several X-ray. Such tampering could take place only in the 70 years when the nature of radiation has been little studied. Evidence of radiation sickness appeared after the accident. Astronauts, being on the moon should have received a huge lethal doses of radiation are not compatible with life. Thus, neither of which orbiting the Moon at the present stage of technological development can not be out of the question, much less landing for 2 hours with a walk in the strongest both active and passive radiation. Especially the lunar surface has a powerful source of residual radiation. And so the tales of mining helium-3 is simply a fairy tale. Sincerely, IS Vorobiev May 15, 2010.

Microenterprise Development

Monday, 13. February 2017

Organized by AEMME and Madrid technology. On 24 March the multisectoral Spanish Association of micro-enterprises (AEMME) alongside Madrid technology of the city of Madrid, organized the day: ICT s, key to the development of the microenterprise. Markarte was invited to participate by contributing active member AEMME and as a successful case of the use of new technologies in a small business. The case of Markarte is certainly singular, since being a micro-enterprise has been able to rely on tools, applications, and technology strategies that allow you to not only your needs, but the needs that, in marketing and communication, have companies (from multinationals and large companies to small businesses, micro-businesses, self-employed and liberal professionals). Involvement, adaptability and flexibility to each situation in the market, has allowed them to that, since 2004, they are a benchmark in Spanish micro and SMEs. Its agility in the execution of any action has also allowed to the partner agency of multinationals and large companies that need fast services on numerous occasions.

His character of small business, his approach to the customer, his traditional willingness of support and trust to its customers and its great experience in the sector, are added values of quality in all its services.As proof of this, and his socia-fundadora, Pilar Esteban commented on the day, the movement is shown walking, he offered the possibility that all attendees for 3 consecutive months prove its exclusive and specialized communication of presence of prestige Online service at the price of a single month, guaranteeing the results of online visibility in this reduced period of time. In the course of its participation, Pilar Esteban pointed out that collaboration between SMEs and micro-enterprises is vital to keep us in the market and able to continue offering services for innovation and specialisation with the quality our clients deserve and also get his loyalty. Pilar Esteban has participated during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 in different plans of the community of Madrid next to the IMADE supporting and educating Madrid SMEs in the use of ICT s obtaining well a deep understanding of the current situation of this sector.

Special Schools

Wednesday, 15. June 2016

In this to think the condition of the deaf person is atrelada to the pathology, to ineptitude for the learning, to the intelligence lack. The opposite to this perspective, Santana (2007, p.15) says that ' ' the auditory deficit does not compromise the cognition, since that the person with deafness has an active and participativa social life, in this condition its functions (reverse speed) is organized inside of a context partner-description, where he is inserido' '. It is understood, with this, that is of utmost importance the understanding of that a school that takes care of deaf pupils and/or with other especificidades necessary to commit itself to the variety compose who it, having as paradigm a pedagogical performance that defends the heterogeneidade and an education of good quality, has seen that this is one ' ' right of todos' ' without distinction. In such a way, what one intends to emphasize in the quarrel is the importance to offer the deaf people, Special Schools or specialized attendance, in the first years of the escolarizao, for the fact of if understanding that these are, par excellence, spaces of interaction of the deaf people with its pairs, and thus, certainly will have a bigger incentive to the culture, the language, the construction of the deaf identities. The Special School, in this reasoning, is that it will make the true inclusion in the partner-educational scope, therefore in its interior the quarrels more will be come back toward the specific field of the deafness. Agreement believes with Lacerda (2000) that the involved actors in this educational space are more apt to understand the deafness as a linguistic difference that will have to be respected, something that in fact little occurs in the said schools inclusive. From these estimated the problem is distinguished that if constitutes in guide for the reach of the objectives of this study: Because the Special School for the attendance to the deaf pupil is considered more adequate? In the direction of this investigation they will be proportionate excellent quarrels on the subject, which will go to guide the analysis to more arrive the possible conclusions concerning the indicated educational attendance for education of pupils with deafness. .

Equatorial Africa

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

In Equatorial Africa, 40% of the population are carrying and the falciforme illness reaches a prevalence of 2 3% of the population. The hemoglobinopatias constitute one of the main and more frequent genetic illnesses that acometem human beings; amongst them, the falciforme anemia is the more prevalent hereditary illness in Brazil, arriving to acometer 0.1 0.3% of the black population, with trend to reach parcel each more significant time of the population, which had to the high degree of miscegenation in our country. In fact, population studies have demonstrated the increasing presence of hemoglobina S in caucasianos individuals. The percentage of mortality between lesser children of 5 years with falciforme anemia al was analyzed by INGUEZ et. (2010) that it varied enters 25 30%, and the majority of the deaths in this group is secondary the fatal infections, esplnico kidnapping or aplsticas crises. Although the biggest taxes of mortality occur in the 2 first years of life, COAST (2001) quotation that the obligator inclusion of the research of hemoglobinopatias in the examination of neonatal selection (test of pezinho) comes demonstrating to be an important step for the reduction of these taxes, therefore allows to the precocious identification of these individuals and the consequent introduction of adequate Prophylaxis and regular ambulatorial pursuing. The current life expectancy for the American population with falciforme anemia as SILLA (1999) is of 42 years for men and 48 years for women.

Although very superior to the 14,3 years of 3 decades behind, this still meets very on this side of the life expectancy for general population, what it evidences the necessity of bigger investments and progressos in the treatment of these patients. SERJEANT (1999) affirms that the laboratorial diagnosis of the falciforme anemia is made through eletroforese of hemoglobina, iso-electric focalizao or liquid chromatography of high performance (HPLC). The globnicas chains are detectable in precocious phase of the fetal life, from 10 12 week of pregnancy, what it would make possible the prenatal diagnosis of the falciforme anemia.

Basic Ensino

Wednesday, 8. June 2016

As soon as the understood ones on ' ' Educao' ' in the state of So Paulo they had had the idea to prepare a notebook of activities based on the resume of the series of Basic Ensino and Average and to send these, to the schools to be followed for professors and pupils, seems that the idea starts to invigorate and crianada the spoon the fruits of this investment. But still it lacks much thing to move! She is necessary much humildade, effort and to like the profession to adhere to this idea launched for the State secretary of the Education. With this alternative, that Agency, guarantees that the majority of the professors prepares the lessons, studies the subject, searches what they had not learned or better, does not know and if they prepare to give a lesson with better quality. Still it lacks very in relation to the adhesion of certain professors. The contents are presented in emend, notebooks of activities for professor and one for the pupil.

Some subjects to be studied, which is grafados in this notebook, still are left stop backwards, for being strangers for a good number of masters, lamentably! Still they continue in the net those loafers who polish subjects for laziness to search and to explain to the children in a logical sequncia it subject. She is necessary to move! The professors need to acquire knowledge themselves of the paper who exert in the formation of educating! They cannot be negligent people and to enter in the classroom without intention. He has much that to perfect for terms a significant improvement in the Brazilian education. He has little was observed a transferred pupil. This pupil, with easiness if adaptou in the new school, however the content given in the semester was not the same of the notebook of activity of the pupil.

Physics Education

Saturday, 4. June 2016

The initial formation of professors in one was also investigated Public university, by means of the application of questionnaires the licenciandos and professors of a course of Pedagogia, and considering it presence of Astronomy in the curricular grating of this licenciatura. Astronomy in official documents the education and the learning of Astronomy devemse to still initiate in infancy. In this phase, first stage of the Basic Education is had it, offered in institutions that they educate and they take care of of children with up to six years of age. The introduction of slight knowledge of Astronomia4 is contemplated in the structure of the National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education (1998), in the axle ‘ ‘ Knowledge of Mundo’ ‘ , whose object also becomes related to thematic ‘ ‘ Movement, Natureza and Sociedade’ ‘. In Basic Ensino, Astronomy is considered estruturante content inside of disciplines of Sciences. As described in the Curricular Lines of direction of the Basic Education of the Paran (PARAN, 2008, P. 27), estruturantes contents are the knowledge of great amplitude, concepts, theories or practical, that they identify and they organize the fields of studies of one disciplines pertaining to school, considered basic for the understanding of its object of study/education.

The conceptual picture of disciplines of Sciences is composed also for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and other areas..