Work For All

Sunday, 31. March 2019

BUSCO a while ago working driver, since a few months ago I had to quit my job because my wife became ill and had that cater exclusively to her by his serious illness he suffered, and with 8 hours did in this job could not help it fully, by what stopped this work, where fortunately I went very well and back doors were left open. My wife luckily recovered and can today back to normal life, although we had very bad time which suffered from cursed cancer, but luckily with patience and great force could move forward. The work that you had before already took staff at my place and although I was told that I am a man of confidence and want to have my services, I would like to change a little air and get another job in my field which is chauffeur of vans and trucks. As experience in addition to the company’s freight that I worked with previously, I made many trips in truck carrying goods to neighboring countries, where I worked for a multinational company. If someone you are specifying driver or know of any company that needed, I would be grateful inform me or communicate with me, since really precise work and already I can not be more idle time, I’ve been 4 months without being able to find employment, the truth is very difficult employment situation in our country.