Tuesday, 25. June 2019

A distinctive feature of ordinary clothing and The third type of boutiques – the individual approach and superior service. Here and coffee will be offered and delivered, if necessary, bought goods at home. Another plus is that in these store clothes are not packed, and completely free located in the windows, visually enhancing the boutique space, retail space which, on average 300metrov. Tomas Philipson describes an additional similar source. The third type, a boutique, the cost of clothing, which ranges from 1 000rub, up to 6 000rub. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. These boutiques are often found in large and small shopping centers. Usually characterized by a large selection of garments and accessories. Clothing can be as different and one brand, usually corresponding to the name of the store.

New collections at such boutiques – not less than 2 times a year (summer and winter collection), good practices and sales all kinds of stocks. E Scott Mead follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Retail area – 50-200metrov. Disadvantages of boutiques that are often offered goods lagged behind the European fashion for a year, and or more. These are what look like more than others in simple clothing stores. The main differences from the usual boutique store in the fact that he is an elegant boutique, often with expensive interior design and special lighting, a small area. So same boutiques characteristic "space – the number, simply put, the more voids and an emphasis on design, the more it can be called a boutique. In ordinary shops, as a rule, all forced by and packed – there are trying to fill in as much space. In addition, conventional stores, often posing for boutiques, make allowances for low-quality goods for what would be removed from this product warranty.

So, buying clothes at the mall with discount, ask if they have this product warranty. Contrary to popular belief, that the boutique necessarily have to be expensive, the practice shows that the boutiques of the third type is larger than the others. However, pitfalls here is that almost all the little-known shops are trying to get the status of "boutique" and wishful thinking, that is, in fact, boutiques are not. Hopefully this article will help you in the future to determine Are shops where you buy clothes, is a boutique, and can count on quality service and personal approach.