General Motors

Wednesday, 25. September 2019

After tough negotiations, the rescue package for the three largest US car companies failed last night. Reports credit and already several weeks ago representatives of the three largest U.S. Others including Sir Richard Branson, offer their opinions as well. automotive companies Chrysler, Ford and General spoke to motors in the U.S. Government. You logged in short-term financial needs in tens of billions, to survive at least the next few months. This assistance provided as emergency loans have failed in the resistance of the US Republicans in the Senate now. Particularly Chrysler and General Motors had stressed without government support within a few months before the end.

Originally emergency aid amounting to US$ 14 billion negotiated in the first meeting, which corresponded to only a fraction of the 34 billion dollars required by the carmakers, but should at least be sufficient, to bridge the period until end of March 2009. As a direct reaction to the failure of the rescue package, a law firm with the testing already has Chrysler is rumored by Measures to apply for insolvency consulted Chapter 11 and also General Motors has chosen already lawyers and financial advisors, to prepare a bankruptcy standing in the. Given the employment of the three companies, one can only guess what avalanche would trigger a bankruptcy. Alone the carmakers more than 250,000 people work at, by the industry once not to talk. It is also fact that a bankruptcy for one of the undertakings concerned is a viable solution. It is much more likely that the corporations are restructuring their businesses. That this will be linked to job losses and hence loss of points, no one doubts. Daniel Franke

Use Interest

Thursday, 29. August 2019

The advantages of the inverse interest rate structure for construction financing customers the advantages of inverse interest rate structure for construction financing customers in credit and interest rate markets the world head is: short-term investments are remunerated currently as or even higher than systems with a longer maturity. The opposite is usually the case. If, as currently the case – for long-running plants less paid than just running for professionals speak of an inverse interest rate structure. Inverse interest rate structures can be detrimental for investors. For customers who require real estate financing, however, such a scenario offers also benefits, because they often get competitive rates as financing with short fixed-rate financing with long interest commitments.

In this way, customers will receive interest security long term at no extra charge. To know more about this subject visit Sir Richard Branson. Clients but also at long interest commitments must not abandon their elaborate, as they can the statutory special right of termination, for loans with interest rate bonds by more than a decade, after ten years Use loan period if necessary to benefit from a modified interest rate market. Even customers with ongoing construction financing benefit from the inverted yield curve. Through them, forward loans are currently available at a variety of banks without the usual forward premiums. Customers can secure now completely the present interest rate level for their follow-up financing without additional charge. What does this mean for financing customers? Construction financing customers can benefit from the current situation on the interest rate markets and the benefits of a long period of interest commitment without surcharges. Customers with ongoing construction financing and a soon ending interest binding can forward loans to back up the current level of interest rates without charge up to 5 years in advance. It should be also aware, that the forward loan in any case must later be removed even if the interest rates at the time of payment should be lower than the closing date. The relatively rare situation on the markets of interest is however not forever stop. To decrease short-term interest rates, or the long-term will rise again. Bernd Munder

Employment Contract

Monday, 8. July 2019

Speak again with the employer. Get at least the following documents in copy and submit them: employment contract and any additions / changes to this. Messages to last year’s social security payroll news and at least the December payroll of the previous test you now exceeding the year work charge limit (JAEG). In 2009, this was 48.600 EUR, 2010 49950 EUR and 2011 at 49,500 EUR. Also, check if all components are taken into account. Be the wage into account when establishing of course for the first time the classic work fee, so. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. Also regularly paid and agreed special payments such as holiday or Christmas money are to include capital-forming payments and regular profit.

The latter but only if they are paid regularly safely. Compensation for emergency services and supplements (top layer or difficulty) are also used for calculating the JAEG. Overtime payments include only if they are paid flat rate. Vary this however and are always “like” as has been paid, these are so not to be on. Note to: A completed direct insurance reduces the income and can therefore destroy “insured” status, thus the insurance obligation may occur in the worst case again.

And what do I do then? Option 1: Contact now the health insurance fund. In doing so, enclose the documents in copy and portray her concerns. The health insurance is now considering your and your employer’s opinion and will make a decision and communicated them in writing. The decision is still wrong (your opinion), request a contradiction-enabled notification from your insurance company. This then provides a right of appeal and allows the correct determination first of all in the way of contradiction and later towards action in the social court proceedings to reach. Option 2: Contact the German pension insurance and apply for a status determination, this is no longer possible if the Variant 1 was already used and decide was, or that such a procedure is pending. The Statusfestellungsverfahren was established to test whether someone (false) self-employed or workers. In my consulting practice, this is used but also on the question of assessing the status of insured persons in the statutory health insurance. There is no a legal claim for this however. It is also possible that the pension insurance funds the request to the competent health insurance / returns. With two opportunities but also your employer get certainty and a binding information whether you are now versicherungspflichtiges or volunteer member of the statutory health insurance. You only then may switch to private health insurance.


Tuesday, 23. April 2019

Savings are a growing popular. The loan comprises a contractor of a public construction promotion, as well as from your own savings. The concept stipulates a previously set method that pays you as saver by mostly monthly amounts. In addition, interest being paid this amount at a fixed interest rate. At the building society savings comparison decides if you should be looking for a suitable savings objective, have you noticed already, that is on the market for building numerous vendors abound, offered the building to various conditions. It is therefore all the more important to be aware in advance of the own motivations, to complete a contractor.

Just as also a contractor can be found, which best fits your needs. A basic statement which building society offers the best savings, can not get unfortunately. Because ultimately it is personal goal crucial to a funds rate options. For even more analysis, hear from Verizon Communications. Essentially, the distinction in building Association savings agreements between real estate lenders and savers is made. Would you finance, for example, a House with land, particularly the credit conditions of the funds are important to you. However, if you are interested in as investors on the return on your capital, the credit conditions of funds for you play no role at all. Only when you are just about your personal objective in the clear, you can start an effective savings comparison.

With the savings comparison, there are several options the construction savings comparison you can perform in several ways. To use comparison, for example, the somewhat tedious form for a building society savings, individually contact the different building societies at the. You can do this both by telephone and in writing. Often even a short email where enough you sending the relevant documents for a construction savings ask comparison. However there are also simpler methods, to perform a construction savings comparison. So now many online portals, such as can be on the Internet find, on which a building savings free perform comparison. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon Communications. In addition to the cost and time savings, they also have a significant better overview about individually provider of building Association savings agreements with different tariff options. Also can be seen at the same time most of the time much more building societies online savings comparison. On these financial portals specialising in comparison to the savings, you can perform an individual comparison by an integrated search engine in a matter of seconds. For this you need to enter only a few relevant data in the input mask. The search engine then filters out the offer, to which you entered data fits best.

Bank Account

Tuesday, 15. May 2018

If the Bank simply terminates the account in the future there will be a right for every EU citizen to have a bank account. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. But currently the German law does not stipulates such a right to a bank account, there is only a voluntary commitment the banks to provide a checking account also not solvent citizens. Everyone knows that everyday life without a checking account is not to manage. It is quite simply not more so much cash paid for us, no matter whether rent, power or phone – without bank account will make it difficult. But what if the Bank has terminated the account easily? Is that even legal? Law on current account soon throughout the EU? Throughout Europe approximately 30 million people that are older than 18 years old, no own account have in 2013. Affected are in a vicious circle, because without a checking account, there is no contract.

Often, even the work or the payment of salary to an account is bound. There remains only to specify bank details by relatives or friends. Affected people often don’t even have the possibility of goods in the Internet shopping and are therefore dependent on the local offer. But everyone knows that it often overpays according to place of residence, in this case. The disadvantages are so apparent and it is long overdue to enforce the right to a bank account across Europe. Many people think that there is the right to a bank account in Germany. But that’s not entirely true. Currently, there is only a commitment of some banks and savings banks, to set up a checking account each customer, without regular income.

It is possible for example at Postbank then only under certain conditions. A checking account is then usually on a prepaid basis, there is no an overdraft for example then. That should change soon, EU wide there are currently proposals to introduce a general right to a bank account, which is also free. Already, there are many banks that offer a free basic account. It happens not so often, but theoretically banks can simply cancel a checking account. What is the situation then legally? The Bank is allowed Cancel account? Recently, the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe had decided that banks may terminate the account without giving any reason its customers. The occasion was the lawsuit of classified as right book publishing, which Commerzbank had cancelled the account. Fearing the loss of image, the fewest banks without weighty reason be but sure do. However, most money houses reserves the termination a clause in their terms and conditions. Theoretically, the Bank can even terminate the clients because he is not lucrative enough for the financial institution. But actually this happens especially when gross violations, as if the overdraft is repaid constantly covered and not. Even the insult and insult by employees at a branch should have led to the repeal of the business relationship. Allowed banks to get rid of indebted customers? If a customer is bankrupt, the Bank may terminate the account him for this reason. She points Banking and capital market law and Association. The existing current account in a seizure protection account must be converted in this case, customers actually have a legal claim. However, it remains only a seizure-safe basic allowance currently 1028 monthly.

Klaus Wolfermann

Saturday, 23. December 2017

Depending on the business model, which is the closed-end funds to reason, the participation is more or less exposed to the consequences of the financial and stock market crisis. Those business models, investing in sustainable substance values such as E.g. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. rented German residential real estate investors offer additional protection against the effects of the stock market crisis. Closed-end funds that invest in transport ships are much more affected generally by the consequences of economic crises, for example through Charter failures. Regardless of the business model the Central advantage of the participation as asset class in the fact that not attempting an frantically to determine a value of participation, but rather the company the required time conceded is to implement its business model and to develop for the investor most likely is. That puts above all rest in the field of view of the Investor. The stocks traded on the stock exchanges are notoriously strict communication rules. The short successive publication obligations for example in the form of ad-hoc reports or quarterly reports, strengthen emotional components such as greed and fear in this liquid form of participation in the investor and obscure the long-term meaningful investment decisions often.

INVESTMENT: what are the best counter-cyclical investments? Klaus Wolfermann: the best counter-cyclical investments are the ones who actually counter-cyclically implemented! Most talk about investors to invest Yes only of anti-cyclical, Act but then lack courage more pro-cyclical. In the current situation, undervalued assets appear most attractive opportunity / risk management policies. INVESTMENT: What opportunities for investors by your funds? “Klaus Wolfermann: our prospectus headlines: security through real estate, if not now, when then?” With an investment in our CBI Central Boden real estate GmbH & co. Fifth Professional real estate holding KG (ZBI 5) is involved in the investors a true investor community. “Investors of the company their capital to provide, classic either as a shareholder of the type” with ongoing payments initially 4% p.a.

Credit Mutuel Citibank

Saturday, 18. February 2017

Day money account is just one of the online products of the online credit online – Citibank one of the best deals, the German credit market can currently offer. The online loan Citibank is not only offering, the German credit market has to offer. But as cheap as the online loan Citibank a consumer get rarely loan. The credit amounts in the online credit span Citibank sum of 1,500 euros to 50,000 euros. What makes the online loan Citibank ultimately but so unique, is the way these rates up to 84 months to repay. And there is also a delay between the payment of this loan and the payment of the first instalment up to 89 days. But the online loan Citibank is intended not for all groups of people.

He is paid only to people who have a stable job, say independent is this credit is not available. Citibank retail banking is what should – be since 2008 in the hands of the Credit Mutuel of consumer interest. The In the hands of Citigroup global markets Germany AG & co., however, KGA headquartered in Frankfurt corporate banking lies on the main. A tag account online does not offer the Citibank. The competition is probably too large, because there are a large number of banks, which are in turn romp on the financial sector and advertise to customers within the day money account online. Also the day money account online is very interesting especially for private consumers, because they have daily access to this asset account. Also the factor of the additional services to be included is a comparison of financial products in General and the day money account online offers.

Construction Financing

Thursday, 14. July 2016

Who takes public funding to complete for the financing of own dream home, can save a lot of money sometimes. So builders in the ‘Forderdschungel’ find your way around. (tdx) In the face of the company euro more and more into the public consciousness puts the subject property and to own real estate. Owning a House retains its value even in uncertain times, serves as a solid retirement uR the whole family and is due to a very low level of interest rates for many so tangible as never before. So the dream of homeownership causes no abdominal pain in the long term, an individual financing concept should be worked out in advance, that contains the necessary components of interest rate, equity, loan amount, maturity and repayment amount in each case. However, the involvement of public Fordermitel, the effect of which was previously often unrecognized, should to check because you often can save a lot of money themselves. What projects and what funding programs are who are worth to explain the construction money specialists. Because there are hundreds ways to be promoted, when purchasing real estate in Germany applies: to save money in the end, a programme must be properly embedded in the own financing concept.

Vor allem low-income earners or families with children, for example, that suitable for so-called residential Riester “-program that combines two types of retirement plans: the State-sponsored retirement (Riester-rente”) and the provision by owning your own home. The special feature of this loan: Who takes to Riester contract for the age, can take the money saved on there and invest it in their own real estate. Alternatively, borrowers can flow the current allowances in the eradication of the real estate loan and thereby gain a faster debt relief. Because the monthly rate remains constant and the rate of interest is firmly agreed, a high planning certainty it offers for mortgage. In addition to the residential Riester”, in particular the credit institution is known for reconstruction (KfW) for builders. It grants loans with discounted interest rates for the purchase or construction of residential property and remedial actions that (energy). The variety of the KfW programmes can thereby incorporated into almost any financing concept because basically all owners of real estate, can are the funds of the credit institution regardless of income.

With their funding programmes the KfW-Bank aims mainly to motivate builders and property owners to exploit fully the potential of energy savings in their homes. Therefore it promotes in particular energy-efficient new buildings or renovations so-called efficiency houses”with eradication grants to the each granted loan amount. Following applies: the higher the level of efficiency achieved, the higher is the promotion. So financiers who build a new KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 40, for example, a grant repayment of 10 percent. In addition to federal and State KfW bank, individual provinces support the Way in your own four walls with attractive programmes. This can include especially low-income and large families on the support in the form of grants or interest discounted loan. Help and advice on the subject of public funding can find builders see foerdermittel.html note to journalists: use of images only in conjunction with the text. Tanja EST

Building Societies

Saturday, 26. December 2015

Now is the right time for your own four walls! Building society saving has lost in recent years extremely viewing, because many clients connect to this type of construction financing with a dusty and little attractive image. Building societies had with declining figures, stagnant development and poor reputation. But while markets around the world tormented groan in the global financial crisis, it has proved for the savings a blessing. The current instability in the financial markets has transformed virtually back the savings overnight in a worthwhile investment. To be on the safe side with their capital and to minimize, the Verlustriskio many consumers put now prefer their money at conservative institutions. Thus, the savings in terms of financial security again enjoys an excellent image, because building society saving takes place independently of the capital market. Reports on the industry, that is the number of closed accounts at the private funds during the month of September has increased by almost 20% compared to the prior year. That is a considerable number of new shops, as they no longer have occurred in the construction savings for years.

The cash payouts have increased 08 16% to over 22 billion euros in the period from January to September. At the end of the year is expected to record results in terms of savings withdrawals. However, it remains to hope that consumers not by the financial crisis in hasty actions have settle crowd, but in advance the tariffs have thoroughly compared the savings. Because the concept is a product that can vary considerably depending on the provider in its conditions, in particular as regards the yield during the savings phase. Now is the right time for your own four walls! At the end of a construction financing, on long maturities such as about 20 years recommends recourse, because these have become significantly cheaper. More information around the topic of construction financing: sites/baufinanzierung.html savings the first step in the home all about savings, please visit the following pages: sites/bauspardarlehen.html

Money Plants Variants – Variants Of Investment

Friday, 18. December 2015

A comparison of some investment of options there are many ways to invest his money. Who is here but not well informed, runs the risk that some interest gains lost him. Possible investments offer fixed and overnight options. Time deposits are known for their high interest rate. On the Internet you may contact well, what banks earn the best returns. The current direct banks are a tip here because here currently high interest income can be achieved.

In contrast to a day money account, where the money is available daily, fixed-term deposits have a longer fixed term. You should only choose fixed-term deposits with long-running if the money is not needed in the short term. At longer maturities, the deposit suggests, for example, the day money account with much higher interest payments to length. A comparison to the different financial investments worth variants. Investment funds are another form of the investments.

With the acquisition of fund shares to invest in various markets with more or less Diversification for the capital. This good returns can be longer term seen, generate. In the Internet you can consult the many direct banks. Also, online brokers are a good choice. In contrast to the local banks here has a much larger selection of products. Also, the custody account management at banks is much more expensive than the direct banks. A comparison can be worthwhile, because for the purchase of fund shares typically an initial fee has to be paid. Some direct banks and online brokers do this, so that there is no unnecessary costs here. Another advantage is that the order for the purchase of fund units can run online much faster than if you, only need to ask for an appointment at the local bank. Mutual funds can achieve high returns over time. A reputable direct bank reduces the risk of losses by investing the Fund as safe companies. Possible variations are here whenever possible, there Stock prices never surely can be considered.