Wednesday, 1. May 2019

Successful partnership also in 2009 Berlin continued, the 21.07.09-2009, a year full of changes and developments in the music industry but it looks again rar in these times. To know more about this subject visit “Bernard Golden. But there are dedicated initiators such as the student team of as Berlin, which are of the firm opinion, sounds that every crisis offers the chance for a successful fresh start. The musicians platform and the way Berlin sounds team unite your forces this year. The renewed collaboration makes us very happy, the team is so full of enthusiasm and creative ideas that we can only participate it. From this reason we are particularly pleased, in 2009 as a partner on board to be”, so Carolin Uhlig, press contact at This year, guest on the final stage, the final of all in advance taking place live contest is Bennyflee1 similar to last year an act this year but a very special, special.

Before the exclusive headliner of the evening is then a Fletchmusicblog band will perform, which advance in a special band contest was detected. The contest runs until August 11, any band that has evolved this stage can take part! So sounds Berlin consists of a music Conference and a database that is worth watching. Over 1,500 entries from the music world are gathered here and waiting to be used. Parallel to the Congress, which runs popular so sounds Berlin Youth Festival. The festival starts from July 24, 2009, for 6 weeks every Friday at 20:00 in the machine House of culture brewery in the district Prenzlauer Berg.

Learn more about the way sounds Berlin can initiative, as well as the contest under and be obtained. About Brokenbodyclock media GmbH: As a service platform for musicians with the existing combination of community, digital distribution & the ArtistTools Brokenbodyclock goes the step consistently away from purely passive artist self-representation to the active assistance of the self-marketing. Brokenbodyclock offers the possibility, her musical career by beginning musicians of the new generation to make itself. founded in 2006 by music-loving Berliners as Musikcommunity, the portal operates today as the first German address in the area of global digital distribution and independent artist support. The Brokenbodyclock media GmbH is headquartered in the media and Technology Center (MTC) Adlershof, Berlin. Press contact: Carolin Uhlig Head of PR Web: press

Managing Director

Saturday, 9. March 2019

Study of hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia in the recruiting 2.0, a new study to the attractiveness of the career pages of hospitals shows need to catch up on the way and in North Rhine-Westphalia shows potential to a more successful candidate speech at the Web of 2.0 upo modules for recruitment success is analyzed in the fall of 2011 the career pages of 180 hospitals clinics. The result: Despite high demand for skilled workers, several factors to an attractive and motivating speech of candidates missing the vast majority of the investigated sites. Already with a few measures hospitals and clinics can significantly improve their position in the competition for skilled workers. The rating dimensions accessibility, provision of information, usability (ease of use) and interactivity defined each several criteria, which a sample was rated by 180 randomly selected hospitals and clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia. The evaluation shows especially significant pent-up demand for interactivity. For example, is less than 10% of the career pages at all Online application form to find. In addition to these neglected aspects of functional lack of informative content. So mention almost 80% of the investigated houses over the work, the work environment and the work climate. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011.

The results to the availability of the career pages are, however, significantly better, while the usability in a very high dispersion of the results revealed significant weaknesses, for example in the presentation of descriptive text and supportive illustrations and pictures. In the increasing competition for skilled workers, the use of Internet-based recruiting instruments in health care becoming more and more important. The career Web pages are the landing pages”for interested professionals in nursing and medicine on proactive job search or after sighting a job advertisement. Visit the career website, there is the decision whether interested professionals become candidates. Hospitals and hospitals can already by some few editorial and technical measures in attractiveness for Candidates win. Therefore we will present the results in several online presentations”, Dr. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. Karl-Heinrich Bruckschen, Director of studies and a Managing Director of upo modules for recruitment success. More information under: current studies/hospital karriereseiten.html.

Further details upo – company offers different set screws for a successful staffing modules for recruitment success of upo modules for recruitment success since 1998: recruitment consultancy, recruiting services, recruitment tools, recruiting analysis, as well as the recruitment Academy. For more information and regular news, see.

New Internet Portal Only For Women – Applications Are Now Possible

Wednesday, 6. March 2019

The social network ‘Girls and the City’ is the new free city community for women is the new city community of a completely different kind. From the invitation to special events and parties with free GATC entrance, discounts when shopping, up to a real dream boy which reads your all wishes of the eyes. Access is possible only via a personal invitation or on a waiting list and the number of members per city is strictly limited. A social network, in which women have the pants, post their desires and passions and men compete to meet them. YOU use the women the function MATCH YOU”. They express their wishes, which is designed to meet men. All women in the community to determine together what kind of man it is worth to be taken up at GATC. The men must lie in the stuff for this powerful and show why all people fit into the elite. GATC leaves no wishes of the woman, and women decide what to take. Men are not full members but only a means to an end, because, GATC is primarily intended for women”so Sascha Graune, Managing Director of urlife limited. Objective of the community is that woman dreams come true. Our members are invited prefer one too many than to pay themselves”, continue as Sascha Graune. And there is one more feature at GATC: the men must not write to the women, because here the girls have the opportunity to take the first step. So woman with annoying and niveaulosen do not have faced. With GATC, girls go just about anywhere and that is input to coveted jobs at trade fairs and other part-time jobs or to shopping parties in stores with a glass of sparkling wine even in a free limousine – it now to an absolute top event in the city with VIP. City vibe for the women of today”, says GATC and has therefore not wrong, because now you know as a member of GATC which trends and styles are. The application to GATC, sorted by Main sites, has begun today. Each Member will receive a VIP Member card registration and use of the portal is free of charge.

Frank Breinling

Thursday, 28. February 2019

Thousands of articles offer no stock or equity so, this is really a great thing. Drop shipping means that your goods can sell and offer, you still don’t have. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ripple. The product is ready at the wholesaler or the so-called dropshipper. Once you got an order from your customers, you give the order to your dropshipper and he shipped the goods directly to your customers. If you want the delivery note can be equipped also with your logo.

You must purchase a search inventory and so no storage costs. Offer you the goods through amazon, ebay or an online shop. Dropshipping is still relatively new in Germany. In the United States, which is operated for years. How do you get this dropshipper but now? Look over at Here is your access to lots dropshipper from Germany that offer thousands of products in the different categories. Costs a small fee from 49.00 for one year. If you think you can do this how much coal, is a very small Fee.

So, I am now even most test. Have given me the access at and it all sounds very promising. Lots of areas, from car parts to watches & jewelry everything included. I picked out now the model making me as Division. Remote controlled cars, helicopters, tanks, etc. Am now hergangen and picked the OScommerce as a Presbyterian system. It is open source, relatively easy to install and very many features. Even a domain name found was not used by me and have installed the shop. If you have a domain you can register very cheap one at with free hosting. If you’re looking for a hosting service you must ensure that you have also a database connection. Have now installed the shop under and set the first products. Will add a day more. So now at some point an order comes in, I will pass that directly to the dropshipper and he sent the goods on my behalf. Naturally, you should sell the goods at a profit. All of the remote controlled models are also at amazon and ebay offered. There you can get you a good overview how the prices are and calculate dementsprechen. What I had to to invest now? 49.00 for accessing dropshipper and ca 7.00 to register a domain name. After Adam Riese 56.00 and I have made a fully functioning, professional online shop on the legs free. If this is even not a super start. Minimal risk. You should of course make sure your policies, Impressum, Disclaimer etc. correctly standing on the net, otherwise you can be warned off. This article was written by Frank Breinling. If you want to have even your own Webhsop, check out my blog.

Webbosaurus Launches Social Media Monitoring

Monday, 3. December 2018

Planning security is discussed with the transparent social media monitoring by Webbosaurus In the Internet and especially on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums & co. brands and products. That’s why the social media agency Webbosaurus offers monitoring and analysis of digital reputation of companies on social media platforms. The monitoring includes blogs, forums, social networks, video sharing sites, consumer portals, question – and answer portals and social bookmarks. Thus, customer needs and potential trouble spots can be identified at an early stage. A transparent cost structure, regardless of the number of relevant results, Webbosaurus enables from now a secure planning in the area of social media monitoring. Further details can be found at E Scott Mead, an internet resource.

For 849 euro exclusive VAT, companies can analyze their online reputation and receive a comprehensive reporting including clipping of all social media activities for this month. Particular emphasis is placed on the qualitative evaluation. Trained staff analyze, categorize and evaluate each one Contribution. As a result, Webbosaurus delivers results that require no post-processing. The social media monitoring may be appointed quickly online on the homepage of the Agency. For individual offers and additional information Webbosaurus is the 030 / 53 67 13 70 available. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Edward Scott Mead has to say. _ Webbosaurus, a Berlin online marketing is agency specializing in the topic of social media.

The Agency helps companies and brands on their way to the social Web. It advises the agency strategic, online sites and applications and monitoring digital reputation of companies. The Agency was founded in late 2009 and in May 2010 of the Berlin economy magazine Berlin maximum selected to the new Foundation in the field of media.

The Internet

Wednesday, 28. November 2018

The stimulus package of the Government is predominantly the result of defensive strategies. If we make no annual growth rates on the legs with the gigantic budget deficits in the next few years, which will affect destabilizing in the future on the economy”, the Bitronic chief predicts. Federal Government protects out-dated economic structure also according to Darko get the subsidies of the old Federal Government and encourage it to postpone further modernisation or once again to refrain from. Germany was therefore insufficiently prepared for the radical changes of in economic and working environment in the next few years. The Internet will make available a part of the classical services as fully automated processes. (Similarly see: Oracle). Taxi drivers about be soon distributed centrally from navigation systems and, so soon only half of the taxis is required – the passenger must wait hardly.

Up to hospitals – emerge everywhere from the concierge service of banks Service factories, providing fast, cheap and efficient services with always a few workers available. After an entire industry of large system construction will evolve. So how to build large engineering firms airports, refineries, jumbo jets, cruise ships or moon ferries, large service systems will be created where, only a few local service people will be working. There are services only just much less people in service professions as before”, dark forecast. The IBM Chief Technologist outline the broad lines of a new economic and social order, whose supporting pillar is the resulting Quaternary sector of knowledge, so the computer week with remarkable consistency. To bring this fully to the development of a radical education initiative is needed: opportunities for all and goodbye from the Cretaceous age in schools.

Will need a master plan for Germany, which sets the future structures of the technologies, the economy and culture and we follow with unrelenting views. This scenario outlined at the beginning of the 1990s Peter printer. Unfortunately this has seriously even then none. The service sector will undergo a similar productivity revolution as the industry. Details can be found by clicking Cyrus Massoumi or emailing the administrator. “In the advanced economies offer only people with high level of education, career and promotion prospects who are qualified for knowledge-stressed work”, service expert Steimel sums up the smart. Gunter Dueck: At the moment, the network infrastructure is the bottleneck. It even doesn’t help an insurance agent when his company on the campus operates a gas fiber network. He must be accessible locally. For all networks, radio and cable, must be removed urgently. Entire industries can not arise if no WAN capacity available, for example, the care of patients from afar or remember almost feeling real video conferences, where Cisco is currently developing: the need currently something like 20 Gigabit. My political demand is: every household should at least 1 Gigabit be available. This is about 10 times as much as he needs. This overcapacity can be used for others. When a House is built today, future development costs property owners must pay, water and electricity, but also levies on sidewalks, streets and lights are included. It uses not only the house owner. Why can he pay not even the 10 euro for a fiber-optic cable?

Web Service Provider Expands

Friday, 29. December 2017

The international full-Web services and content management expert ecomplexx continues its internationalization strategy and ventures the step to England despite the financial crisis. Leverkusen/catfish/reading – not even a year has passed since the merger of the German and ecomplexx the next expansion step in the House are now the Austrian ecom internet technology to the international full-service-Web service providers: in addition to the two existing headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany and Wels, Austria, as well as sales offices in Munich, triangle in reading now as of January 2009 in London IT was Oldenburg, Paris and Vienna, UK the ecomplexx Ltd. commissioned opened. Learn more about this with Ed Bastian. The activities of ecomplexx UK rolling will be brought and continuously expanded subsequently with first two employees. The site acts in close cooperation with the offices in Germany and Austria and benefits also from internal staff exchange programs. The international cooperation between our main sites in Leverkusen and catfish proves to be as successfully we will benefit through the joint marketing and sales activities as well as through cooperation projects and through the continuous exchange of information within the team by now almost 80 employees”, so Christoph Mause, Managing Director of ecomplexx Germany and responsible for the activities in the UK. With the new location in reading we perceive now another growth opportunity, which is very promising in our estimation.” Ecomplexx UK employees have many years of experience in the area of enterprise content management, especially in the RedDot / OpenText environment. For even more details, read what Facebook says on the issue.

At the beginning, the topic of OpenText is therefore primarily Web solutions (formals RedDot) the focus of the activities. We see a great need for tech-savvy and efficient service providers in the area of OpenText Web solutions in the UK. As one of the leading European partners in the open text Web Solutions Group, we here see a chance, our partnership continue to expand. “, explains Christoph Mause’s commitment. This statement to confirm, seems that already within the first weeks of first customers were acquired.

Moreover, the realization of projects in the areas of Flash and Flex as well as online marketing is possible through the close ties within the group. Medium-term objective of ecomplexx is to be able to offer the entire range of full service with own project teams in the UK. More information about ecomplexx UK, see the new website. ecomplexx – brief of ecomplexx ( is one of the leading Web service provider, rich-Internet – and content management professionals of Europe with locations in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France. The main sites of the company is located in Leverkusen (Germany), reading (UK) and WELS (Austria). Also, ecomplexx has offices in Munich, Oldenburg, Paris and Vienna. ecomplexx is partner with a team of currently almost 80 employees of leading European OpenText Web solutions, as well as Adobe Flex and runs many more partnerships with solution providers in the Web field. The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and services as a full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes.

ARD Video

Thursday, 8. June 2017

Mail order company for shoes in plus sizes launches pioneering ways of customer communication Dorverden (09.09.2010) – effective immediately, the company sends from an own TV Studio. Thus, the store for ladies and men’s shoes in large sizes sets focus on the production of high-quality corporate videos. Whether information about ordering procedures, shipping industry or products: concentrates the young company its sales henceforth on the enormous power of the images as one of the largest shoe stores for special sizes in Europe and is a forward-looking sales way that implement only national TV channel with most modern computer graphics. Managing Director Kay Zimmer his customers on the website of is located in gigantic gleaming backdrop. Dominates the company logo on the white high-gloss pillars; current shoe models by the image run on a giant video screen in the background. What nobody knows: rooms are available only in a large three-dimensional green space.

No gloss, no monitors, no backdrop: Everything comes from State of the art graphic computers. Special feature: While shooting the set is rendered in real time, which means: the moderator is located in the green surroundings, the camera moves and thus automatically also sync the generated background, which at any time can – be modified at your fingertips a live technology, which is used also for channels such as ARD, ZDF, RTL and N24 in the computer. “Our virtual TV Studio is the new central hub for our communications. We produce all content for our websites, video newsletters, video blogs, but also TV commercials for our new TV campaign”, so rooms. Over one year the costly project was planned by around half a million euros; all infrastructures at the company site in Dorverden have been created in only four months. Six new, very specific jobs have been created by the innovative TV Studio. All content is in high definition HD quality from the also local TV production company WECONDA produces.

Small Enterprises

Sunday, 19. February 2017

More and more people to gather on the Internet. Image films help companies better einscha customers? records to ko? tonnes. What can do the business for me? Is the company reputable? What is the company policy? Companies create faster with image movies a personal bond of the customer to the company. The new media make it possible to imagine a wide audience small and medium-sized enterprises. To date it was advertising in large companies only possible via television or cinema to present themselves. Today, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and co. allow companies to present themselves to a variety of potential buyers.

The website is an increasingly important marketing tool for companies. The sites evolve into interactive information platforms where himself is offered in addition to image films product videos and interviews. Steadily falling prices for hardware and software make it possible to produce films in high end quality at much cheaper prices. An image film conveys better than it any text or any Photo may, emotions, complex situations, etc. According to latest studies, think 90% of entrepreneurs about how to create an image film. It is not easy to find, a complete concept a movie production in the takes care of little – and in the medium-sized area. The 4FIlm production with its network was created for complex tasks, ranging from the ideas development bishin to the Mediengerechten conversion, to find the right team.

The 4Film 2000 includes network film makers from various sectors. Just the choice of authentic performers is a costly and time-consuming process. Meanwhile, the connected 4Filmproduktion has become a successful company in the media industry. A good example is the campaign for the Berlin bakers Guild. It still exist, the right Baker? The Baker who is still sourdough, whose Brot is unmistakable, which can make a really crunchy loaf, the Kuchen is typical? The Baker who passes his recipes from generation to generation and as a cultural heritage preserved? The Baker, whose baked goods without chemical blowing agents come out, because he still knows what can do for example yeast? Yes, there it still! He was also always there! Just before loud up bakers and baking stations for some consumers, it has become harder to find him. There are the Guild craft bakers bakers, carrying the Golden pretzel’s strict quality certificate. You will find more examples and the image film to the Guild of bakers here: imagefilme videos.


Thursday, 21. January 2016

Relaunch of with the relaunch of, the young financial portal offers the financial interested users an enhanced functionality and improved usability. The design also appears in a new light: fresh and compact. “ dedicated also to the ever-growing target group of women” and is thus a pioneer among the financial portals. Wiesbaden, January 19, 2009, in future more comparison calculator, which complement the existing users at From now on can also current account and fixed deposit account – be compared alongside the day money account – offers deals and provide valuable tips on the selection of money offers. The cooperation of and the financial platform enables more intensive comparisons of the different providers.

The optimized comparison with the new built-in sorting capabilities also facilitate the search for lucrative cash offers. Because the service sector moved very positive response “Women and finances” is, still builds on these stable trend and extends the range in continuous regularity. Article specifically aimed at women, installation tips and more from now on belong to the Repertoire of Also the section””save money”is of great interest and will continue to be updated with new tips and offers. Previous topics include: travel, energy, education & careers, telecommunications and Internet & mobile. “”Also be issues such as financing or precious metal “promptly prepared and presented together with specific offers. So, gradually expanded the range of and provides a broad overview of investment opportunities.

With all these innovations, keeps pace with the rapid rise in the number of its visitors. The volume of visitors has tripled within a short time and confirmed the concept of financial platform. is a financial portal for the investment. Financial interested visitors and visitor to the Web site for there understandably prepared information and Practical tips to per diem rates, checking and deposit accounts, as well as to the focused areas of women and finance”. At the same time, offers the possibility of a link directly to featured providers to contact. Barbara Lama master management.