Aristotle Live

Thursday, 6. December 2018

True, But practice exogamy? Have you seen the other hand, two wolves share their territory? Or even, "a rabbit home? Surely not. That does not exist, but in La Fontaine … and in the ethologists! These are lies, it must be said! Everything is there! And that's because the animal is not "political" within the meaning of Aristotle, namely that, unlike men, he does contract, do not sign treaties, in a word, does not make laws. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ripple is the place to go. If you prefer, not arbitrarily uses encrypted. Well, precisely, the language is the use arbitrarily coded, in other words is the law: not by chance if, in Latin, lex and the verb meaning "to read" (light) are formed from the same root. But now. Please tell me, where does the law? Of us, plain and simple, exactly as it is in us lies the ability to make signs.

In other words, as we have spoken of existence, in man, a structural principle analogous to that which allows us to produce sign, but allows us, this time producing society, and not just live in flocks. But let us understand in the time: talking about "pack", do not think it is something to denigrate the animal. The herd is a certain organization to "live together", as some said, an organization can expect, in some species, a highly complex level of processing that we are still far from known. And until we stop to belong to the animal kingdom live in herds: see all the emotional contagion, the phenomena of crowds, mass phenomena (such as those that occur after the death of Michael Jackson, etc.). -And may be, we have something in common with the animal is what we call the "sympathy", the fact, etymologically, to "suffer with." But we are a different animal, in the sense that we have the ability, using our animality (as this is the gregarious) as a springboard, access by abstraction, in the the uniqueness principle, a principle that once clothed in our animality, never able to match it.