Alva Fisher

Saturday, 14. January 2017

And on the shore all was still, until there were facilities that represent a wooden barrel with a crosspiece on the vertical axis. Inside poured soapy water, mortgage linen and then rotated the axle and spider rubbed and turned the clothes. In essence, this unit was a prototype machine activator type, which appeared much later. It is believed that the first patented a washing machine introduced the world to American by the name of Moore. His name is lost to history, but the date of official registration of invention kept up to date: 7 June 1856. The device consisted of a wheel on the barrel, which mounted movable vertical frame with wooden "fingers".

The machine for laundry and attached wooden beads: the reciprocating motion of the frame up and down, they moved inside the container with the laundry, creating additional mechanical effects. Wealthy Americans quickly realized that the internal mechanism can be actuated by hand and not just to harness steam engines. However, four years before Patent Moore compatriot American inventor James King invited the device, which became the prototype of the drum washing machines. His car was out of the tub, which was poured soapy water, and built it to the c axis perforated cylinder. Inside laundry placed and then rotated the drum by hand. Years passed, facilities for washing improved and became all the more friendly. And in 1900, producer churns Carl Miele decided to contribute to the laundress help the whole world.

However, outside of Germany, his invention became known later, but for now, refined the design churn – a wooden tub with rotating blades, it was pretty effective device for washing. Carl Miele washing machines were produced in series, and consumers have appreciated their benefits. Party devices were brought into Russia, but on purpose machines were not utilized: the need for oil was at all, and appreciate women's work, alas, very few. Therefore, products of the company MIELE & CIE still associated with churn. In just 10 years after Alva Fisher patented his version of the washing machine popularized under the name "electric laundress." And since the 30s, these devices have to go beyond America, forcing inventors to invent more and more options that can compete with the machine Fisher. Now engaged in the production of washing machines and many large corporations still not too well-known companies. Devices such as the activator quickly gave way to drum, and control systems are improved year of the year. Now, washing machines do their work successfully with little or no human intervention. Company Siemens, Bosch, Electrolux, Miele and others represent the latest model of its products. In addition to numerous modes of washing, rinsing and drying, even in these functions are provided protection from leaks, water purity control, built-in scales, and even interactive systems to communicate with the owner of the car. Assessing the level of soiling, built-in or separately standing washing machines offer the best type of washing, use the right amount of powder and rinse and squeeze in a mode that ensures continued easy ironing. Consumers can only get clothes the drum, push a few buttons and go quietly about their business. Any clothes, even thin and delicate fabrics, washable by hand before, can now be posted in the "bowels" washing machine completely fearlessly. It is only important to choose the make and model: once spent a large sum, you will save in the future for buying good clothes and, of course, completely relieve yourself and loved ones from the problems associated with washing.

RF Government Decree

Sunday, 22. June 2014

So, you decided to go into business and want to register the IP itself. This article will help you with this. To register, you need IE to take the following steps: 1) determine what you will do and pick up NACE codes corresponding to your activity of the classifier, and 2) fill out the form number R21001 (approved by RF Government Decree of 19.06.2002), 3) to decide on your tax system. There are the usual system taxation and simplified. Simplified tax system, in turn, is divided into a simplified system of taxation of income (6%) and a simplified system of taxation revenue, costs (15%). In the event that you plan to lead a normal accounting and tax accounting, as well as you planned permanent high costs, then you no longer fit the system revenue-expenditure, in other cases it makes sense to choose a simplified system taxation of income. 4) complete an application on the transition to a simplified tax system (form 26.2-1); 5) otkserokopirovat your passport (first page and a page with a residence registration).

Please account, if the photocopy of your passport will be 2 pages, these pages should flash, and on the reverse side of the driver to write the phrase "tied together and numbered two (2) of the sheet. The applicant (your name and sign) 6) otkserokopirovat certificate awarding you a TIN (by law a copy of this certificate is not needed, but many fiscal demands it) 7) to pay the state fee for registration of IP at a rate of 800 rubles (Details for payment should be taken by the registering body). In Moscow, the registering authority is IFTS 46 of Moscow, its details are as follows: BCF – 182 108 0701 0 01 1000 110 – state duty for state registration entity, individuals as sole proprietors, the changes made to the constituent documents of legal persons for state registration of the legal person or other legal actions – Beneficiary Bank – Division 1 of Moscow GTU Bank of Russia, Moscow 705 – by 40101810800000010041 – BIC 044583001 – HPI CAT and the recipient of funds – IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow 7733506810/773301001 – recipient of Federal Treasury in Moscow (IIFTS Russia 46 of Moscow) – code OKATO municipal territorial 45,283,593,000. More information can be found on the website YUTS 'Lawyers and Attorneys in Moscow


Monday, 20. January 2014

To increase the procurement of wild to first in each region to identify and investigate in detail the growth of wild places, to determine their biological resources and commodities. Trade Resources wild calculated based on: biological yield, availability, territory, natural losses, the use of animals and people. Source for obtaining the necessary data and the geographical geobotanical map of the region or area map of forests and forest management planning materials. To determine the size of the possible pieces using materials of paradise plan raypotrebsoyuza, departments, enterprises and workers' supply organizations, public catering, procurement centers of different systems, plodopererabatyvayuschih shops and factories, as well an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. Thus obtaining read overview of the type, location and volume of the existing pieces of wild pass to identify locations of wild in the area. Determination of reserves of raw materials consists of two time-consuming tasks: mapping and identification of areas of the species, as well as the establishment of the yield, ie, the density of raw materials per unit area in the current year or long-term average for several years. The dynamics of stock berry or fruit plants in the audit period is intermittent, since it affects a number of factors: temperature, humidity, lighting and other conditions of habitat and other needed cleaning pillows. Even more mobile is the stock of mushrooms, which varies not only from year to year, but by month growing season.

Therefore, to establish the exact stocks of plants and fungi is difficult. Depending on what forces and the precision with which to identify available resources, this work is carried out by the reconnaissance survey and the method of accounting bookmarks plots. When the reconnaissance survey done visual evaluation of growth, flowering or fruiting of a plant species. In determining the harvest of wild accounting unit is the tree or bush, and in setting harvest berries – during restoration account playground. Credentials playgrounds should have following dimensions: small shrubs (cowberry strawberries strawberry cranberry cloudberries bilberry) – 1 m2 for larger (blueberries blackberry raspberries currant) – 4 m2. Form grounds – a square. Harvest of each accounting unit is weighed separately and then counted on a hectare basis of the average yield of one unit of account of the plot, the number of reporting units on an area of one hectare and unit of account.