John Deere

Wednesday, 10. July 2019

Many thousand translation projects carried per year at the John Deere GmbH & co. KG. Karlovy Vary, 02 October 2013: for the efficient handling of these projects and their settlement the company chose language server use of the across. While using the translation management system, all processes remain understandable, translation costs at the same time significantly. Since autumn of 2012, the John Deere GmbH & co.

KG across in the production works. Currently 39 target languages handled by internal translators, as well as by five external language service providers, is the central approach of the system of advantage. Maximum transparency in the translation process was the decisive argument for the change of the system for us. The philosophy of across, to manage all language resources on a single platform and unify the project management this corresponds to our ideas of a modern translation management system. We retain this data sovereignty fully within the company and allow our language service providers based on same consistent databases work”, explains Jurgen Rohr, head of technical translations at John Deere.

In addition, John Deere could simplify its previous complex billing processes of the translations with its numerous suppliers and automate. Overcoming time zones through process automation in many translation projects involved John Deere employees in different locations. With, the company a high degree of automation met the challenge to realize short processing times, high communication overhead. On the part of the vendors can project-relevant data packages automatically download of the across language server and after editing again be uploaded. While the load times can be matched so, that time zones may be overcome and processes optimally mesh. Across was introduced in the first step in the area of technical documentation. A further roll-out of the system via departmental and cross-border is currently in planning. In the future should other target languages, including Armenian and Azeri are added and edited also with across.