LED Lights and Heat

Monday, 10. June 2019

Useful if the heat LEDs? Definitely not! Even become difficult to sell because pisat.A should be increased … Well, who could have predicted that the heat would be so dolgo.Leto, in itself, not the best period for sales and to the best of times biznesa.V orders were not a lot, but today … crisis, the heat at all …. beda.No what to do should work, look for the customer, he is pokupatelya.Ved somewhere, hiding from the heat, I guess. It is better now, of course, on the beach or under the air conditioner in the country …. I'm here thought that this summer (if eh! know ahead of time) had to buy fans and konditsionery.Vot business! recently decided to buy a fan, but no … And we got a new batch of LED ribbon lenty.Svetodiodnye MS 3528-300LED -W DC-12V, 5060,5050 and many others, two-way tape 3M, interior with IP20, for outdoor use IP67-68 is ideal for podsvetki.Udobny during installation, a variety of colors, low power consumption, wide viewing svecheniya.Stoimost 5 meters is ot1200 3500rubley.Pri to order more than 10000rubley-delivery in Moscow besplatno.Svetodiody Taiwan (Epistar). Online Shop LED products LEDoSVET, despite the heat, working in full rost.Vam need to go to the site, call tel.

+7 (495) 778-43-57, choose a product … and we all privezem.Letom-free. By the way, you can consult on the backlight experience there, order a lighting design buildings, restaurants, cafes, signs … (design project). You can order a 3D vizualizatsiyu.I even if someone read to these lines, then order a large obemy.Vam will be cheaper and we priyatno.Srok supply in the economy mode will be 30-40 days, air faster, but dorozhe.Predoplata 70% of the order . Volume about 2-3 kilometers LED ribbon. Write, call, visit. PSV-storm an additional discount ….

Arbitration Procedure

Wednesday, 26. September 2018

The appellate court may leave the trial court's decision without change. When filing an appeal should be attached: a copy of the decision; document on awarded to persons involved in the case of copies of complaints and their lack of documents, a receipt for the payment of the prescribed fee, or a document confirming the granting of benefits to pay State Tax. If the complaint is signed by a representative, then we had a power of attorney. An appeal is returned, provided that if it is not signed or signed by not having a person authorized by this law; not accompanied by documents certifying payment of state duty; missed period and no application for restoration or rehabilitation denied, is not accompanied by evidence, submitted a statement on the return. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. The grounds for discontinuation of the appeal is: has received an application for refusal of the complainant and the rejection was received, the complaint asserted claims that were not included for consideration in the trial instance. After making an appeal tribunal makes the determination of a proceeding on appeal.

It specifies the time and place of the hearing on appeal. The right to appeal to not come into force in the decision of the arbitral tribunal under Article 145 of the Code of Arbitration Procedure are entitled to participate in person. The economic problems that can be solved in a process of participating is to protect the violated and challenged the rights of persons engaged in entrepreneurial and economic activity. Procedural tasks: to get acquainted with the materials cases provide evidence, give explanations to the arbitral tribunal.