New York Fund Tiger

Wednesday, 24. August 2016

Resources should be used for product improvement and personnel development. -Continue tracking aggressive growth – expansion of the own sales activities – strengthening of mobile commerce position Cologne, Jan – the Cologne shopping portal Hitmeister wins a seven-digit financing of his old partners. “The round is led by the New York Fund Tiger global”, which include investments in Facebook, Zynga and LinkedIn holds. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bernard Golden offers on the topic.. We have achieved a lot since our launch in November 2007. Our trade volume is growing by 70-100% annually and is now eight digits in length. For many of our partners, Hitmeister is now one to the relevant distribution channels. With the current round, we want to express where we see the biggest lever, even more on the gas pedal”, so Gerald Schonbucher, co-founder and Managing Director of the shopping portal. Resources should be used primarily to improve the product.

A further focus is the expansion of activities in the mobile commerce in addition to one Android app is the revision of the Hitmeister iOS app on the agenda. Finally, the product areas where Hitmeister sold even goods, should be extended. We realize that we win, where we also sell, significantly more new buyers. Thus buyers with a better offer, seller due to more demand and we benefit by more sales, we can reinvest’ all parties, analyzed class. The company now has 40 employees will reinforce personnel continue. Our customer service gets best notes, that should remain so; Therefore we’re looking in particular here for new colleagues”, so class. Also the marketing and our partners management, which serves dealers as manufacturer, should be strengthened.” About hit master GmbH Hitmeister ( is one of the largest German shopping portals. The ever-growing range includes currently more than 12 million new and pre-owned products – from media such as movies, games, and Books about electronics to household and garden articles, sports equipment, equipment, toiletries and perfume.

On, currently more than 3,500 commercial dealers sell to more than 800,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister had 2 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free payment processing protect buyer and seller alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen. Hitmeister launched in November 2007, Managing Director is Dr. Gerald Schonbucher.