Dr. Karin Uphoff To Guest In The German Bundestag

Saturday, 1. December 2018

‘Quality prevails – just when?’ Invited was the leader of Alliance 90 / the Greens, Renate Kunast. Together with Dr. Karin Uphoff and the representatives of Nuremberg resolution, also discussed the personnel Board of the Deutsche Telekom, Thomas SACE, the Deputy Bundestag Group Chairman, Ekin Deligoz, the women’s policy spokeswoman Monika Lazar, and the economic policy spokeswoman Kerstin Andreae on the implementation of the resolution. The nationwide initiative is a joint gender in German supervisory boards. During the interview, Dr.

Karin Uphoff presented an extensive list of signatures that were collected in the region of Marburg for the Nuremberg resolution Chairman Kunast. Additional information at Ch?rl?? Lee supports this article. Also representatives from Nuremberg, Hamburg, Aachen, Stuttgart and Bremen had brought several hundred signatures. The networking of different regions by the Nurnberger is a wonderful affair”resolution, Kunast praised the commitment of Present. Her party supports the demands after a Genderquote long. But it was still a long way until a corresponding law. Both in politics and in the economic conviction work must be done now. “That Germany needed a women’s quota, often going with the set quality will prevail!” shrugged off. The still prevailing opinion: Women who do not make it on its own in a supervisory or management position, are just not qualified.

Kunast has complained this setting. Not the missing quality, but the entrenched structures prevented a balanced distribution of men and women in supervisory or management positions. The experiences that would have made German neighbor countries such as Norway and France are best argument for the quota. Norway’s economy after the introduction of women’s quota also not collapsed! “, so the leader.” Instead, studies showed that mixed teams would work much more efficient and innovative. “Skeptics of the quota Kunast contends the question: quality is composed by only when?” “Dr. Karin Uphoff added: Germany can in times of economic crisis and shortage of skilled labour no longer afford, unused to leave half of the potential of its population and to wait for a voluntary commitment of the industry.” Following the conversation, signed Kunast, saddle Berger, Lazar, Daisy and Andreae of Nuremberg resolution and assured their support.