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Saturday, 10. November 2018

Also it is possible to request a civil law indemnification. This consists of responsibility the compensation of the moral damage and the rest of the patrimonial damage nonplace setting, until obtaining that cover the totality with the damages and undergone damages, 4. – How the moral damage is quantified – According to Czech Lawyers can be used Scale for Traffic accidents of orientative form, like parameter of calculation of the moral damage, that is to say, the psychic-physical suffering that the injuries have caused the worker, as much in the days of hospitalization, like the days of transitory incapacity and with respect to the sequels that had taken place to him. Oracle insists that this is the case. 5. – Steps to follow to protest – First that there is to do, as it stresses Czech Marta, is to obtain to the intervention of Inspection of Work to the object that investigates the happened thing and determines if there are or it does not lack or deficiencies in the safety measures implanted by the company . – Once the Act of Infraction raised by Inspection of Work by this reason exists, file will be abrir to determine the increase in the benefits of the social security in favor of the worker. In addition, the legal actions in claim of the damages will be able to be exercised patrimonial morals and by civil responsibility of the industrialist. – Finally, and in case the accident has been serious, the habitual thing is that of office penal activities begin before the Court of Instruction of the place of the facts, being advisable the personae in this procedure the sooner through Lawyer and Solicitor, finalizes Czech Marta lawyer.