Sunday, 3. March 2019

Artemia has a fixed place in the Aquarium taken brine shrimp are small crustaceans that are known in the German-speaking also as salt water crabs. Inland waters are their natural habitat, they feed from algae particles and bacteria, which they filter from the water. The professionally operated both the amateur hobby the whitish transparent Krebstierchen serve as animal feed, especially for juveniles. While the larvae (nauplii) and the eggs of small cancers are preferably used. These are available for purchase at the Aquarium shop. Many regard Aquaristics laity difficulties at the beginning, if they want to vemehren their fish stocks because they choose the wrong feed. With dry food, which is used in the form of flakes, try rearing can be limited and only for a few kinds of success crowned. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree.

Artemia, which means peeled, eggs are available in specialist shops as resting eggs or dekapsulierte, are better suited. The resting eggs must first unzip breeds and be cultivated. Since this process of unloading breeding is although not too complicated, at the same time but connected with a certain effort and thus quite time consuming, it can be especially for new Aqua Gallery advantage than alternative ENT already closed to use Artemiaeier, which can be fed directly. They are easy to store and exhibit a relatively high levels of nutrients that are important for the young fish. The feeding of Artemia as life feed is still recommended for more experienced Aqua Gallery. To unzip breed to the Krebstierchen, a bowl of rearing or breeding set should be used where they can be bred. Commercially, there is a wide range with everything the breeders heart desires for this purpose: eggs, incubators, membrane pumps, as well as literature for the rearing of small cancers. Attention is here especially if it not hatched eggs or remnants of the shells to feeding: these can be extremely harmful to juveniles. In Germany, the crabs are to the Purposes of subsequent feeding in waters cultivated.

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