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Tuesday, 10. June 2014

Largely determine the success of the excellent service and operational staff work. Today, the combination of speed and quality became real thanks to the opportunities automation restaurant. For successful operation of the restaurant owner should be clear about who is a frequenter of his establishment, what foods and drinks preferred customers are, what unpopular dishes should be removed from the menu on what day of the week peak of visits, and when – lull anyone from waiters visitors prefer, and much more. Carry out an analysis of the restaurant by the same number of parameters manually is practically impossible. In addition, the acute problems of accounting and operational accounting implementation and production of food. Accounting for cooking and their implementation is needed in all catering establishments: in restaurants, and fast food outlets and cafeterias, and hospitals and homes recreation, shops and cafeterias and coffee shops, cinemas, cafes, bars and delicatessens.

It is to solve all these problems and need automation that will effectively manage a restaurant, to accelerate the process of service and reduce the possibility of abuse by staff (primarily theft). Software solution based on the latest three-tier architecture klientservernoy and use the latest advances in Hardware (Touch-screen stations, portable terminals with handwriting input, a local paging) Multivariate analysis enables you to reduce production costs through efficient management and sourcing optimal use of human resources. R-Keeper – a modern computer control system for restaurants, is a powerful tool for the comprehensive control room, warehouse management and time management, excellent Assistant to the owners and financial management.

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