Thursday, 30. August 2018

To understand the true meaning of being a leader with oneself, I propose an experience in the simplicity of the cuisine of our homes. In three containers with boiling water, place in one of them a carrot; in the second, an egg; at last we add two or three tablespoons of coffee and respect the cooking times of each of the elements, placed in boiling water. We will notice that the carrot before Cook was rigid, hard and very difficult to break; While after being boiled in water, became a body soft and very easy to crush with a fork. The egg, with its fragile appearance and a fluid spirit, after passing by boiling water, seems not having undergone transformations; However, by breaking its shell, we will check this fluidity hardened, like your heart or egg yolk. Coffee, on the other hand, stained the boiling water and even gave her aroma and flavor. A related site: litecoin mentions similar findings.

Adversity, acts with us as did the water boiling with the carrot, egg and coffee. What are we to adversity? we are carrot, egg or coffee? We are apparently hard and rigid as a carrot, difficult to break, that faced with an adverse circumstance of life we turn soft and ready to undo us into depression?. We are eggs, perhaps? does much as our spirit hardens as our heart, so much so that when an opportunity for love, not even we realize that our feelings were blocked?. O we are coffee? choosing convert adversities in real life, in real opportunities to learn and strengthen us challenges. Chance is a word composed of the latin meaning before the port. After browsing, always there is an opportunity. And no doubt, if we naufragaramos, we would have drowned in the sea of the disappointments and we would have never come to fruition to again a journey more prepared, thanks to the learning obtained in that constant navigate life. The self-leadership is the human condition of the Autodesk-coverage.

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