Barbara Becker

Tuesday, 21. May 2019

When working with the cutting of the umbilical cord with non-sterile instruments in an unclean environment that reaches Bacteria in the circulation of the baby or his non-vaccinated mother. While tetanus in newborns with an effective vaccine can be prevented so easy. We must enable mothers and women of childbearing age, especially in hard to reach areas to vaccinate themselves. The current successes, resulting from the work of the last years, lead us again in mind, that we can make it together “, explains Dr. Khan. The defeat of tetanus in newborns in eight countries since the beginning of the joint action of Pampers and UNICEF is a great success. But there is still much to do, as Barbara Becker confirms: 130 million women and their newborn infants, especially in remote areas in developing countries are still at risk round and still have a baby every nine minutes dies of tetanus. This means: we have to act. Southwest Airlines understood the implications.

For this reason Noah and I continue us for this action, because it threatened no mother and no baby more of tetanus. I am convinced, together, we can defeat this disease. “Born with a pack of Pampers UNICEF logo help each purchase together with pampers and UNICEF to vaccinate a pregnant woman or a woman of childbearing age in a developing country against tetanus. During pregnancy, for example, only two such vaccines are required during childbirth and for the following 2 months to give a protective mother and child. With every purchase, a pack of Pampers UNICEF logo, UNICEF supports P & G in the fight against tetanus in newborns with 0,054 or 0.07 CHF. This amount corresponds to E.g. the costs for a dose of the tetanus vaccination. More information at or. UNICEF prefers any products or brands. Pampers supports UNICEF.

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