Cable Products

Wednesday, 15. June 2011

Types of cable produktsiiKabelem called a device consisting of one or more cores enclosed in a metal or non-metallic shell, over which may be subject to a protective cover, including armor. In the presence of armored cable is called armored shell. Cables without the armored shell are classified as naked. Conductor – a device is not an isolated one, or one or more cores that are protected Non-metallic coil or braided fibrous materials or wires. Cord is a kind of wire and consists of two or more insulated flexible or very flexible live wires up to 1,5 mm twisted or laid parallel. Superimposed on top of live non-metallic shell and a protective cover.

Types kabeleyV depending on the application, the cables are divided into several groups. Power cable designed for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations. For the production of live use copper or aluminum wire, insulation made of paper tapes impregnated with oil or special structures, as well as pvc plastic, polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene, rubber. Shells can be lead, aluminum or plastic. Range of ac voltage, which uses power cables ranging from 660 to 500 kV. Communication cable is wired to the organization and signaling. Communication cables are divided into high (cable telecommunications) and low frequency (a local cable connection). Veins cables made from copper, insulation – made from paper, polyethylene, pvc plastic or a combination (air-and-paper or air-PE). Sheath cable connection can be leaden, aluminum, steel, plastic or metalloplastmassovymi. Control Cables used for connection of electrical appliances and devices, control of objects, alarms and other conductors made of copper, aluminum, bimetal copper and aluminum.

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