Car Squeak

Thursday, 21. February 2019

Possible causes of squeaky car brakes squeaking brakes are not only annoying while driving a car, they can be even dangerous. Because usually something wrong, when the car causes noises during braking. Impaired braking increases the risk of accidents. For this reason, you should go the cause at the bottom and fix the problem. Harmless reasons for squeaky brakes not always a serious problem. There are also some harmless causes of noise when braking. If you have not used your car for a longer time, the brakes may have taken something.

Then, it can happen that the brakes Squeak something at the beginning or even the sensation of blocking brake. That should give up however automatically after several braking attempts. Join the brake a few times vigorously (if the traffic allows it), and see if the problem persists. Even if the brake pads are getting a little wet, this may cause noise. But the problem should be from be alone when you have driven a few hundred yards and a couple of times have slowed.

This is not the case, a serious problem may be. Worn brake pads worn brake pads can also cause noise. This is even the leading cause. Because the pads went down, grind the brakes and cause a Squeak. Last but not least, the braking power is significantly reduced, what should be also noticeable. Here there is only one solution: you need to renew the brake. Change the brake linings or brake discs can you make or but your automotive workshop. You can try Squeak despite new brake pads if you have recently changed your brake pads or other reasons are sure that it not may be due to worn surfaces, to lubricate your brake a bit. This is recommended only for experienced hobby screwdriver. All other motorists was advised to better yourself perform repairs on the brake. Keep in mind You that it is safety-relevant parts. In addition there is sometimes problems with warranty or insurance services in the case, if you can prove negligence or improper use you in this point. Usually, the brakes on the front axle squeal. While often still drum brake is located on the rear axle, it is front brakes mostly disc brakes. First remove the brake pads. Consider the condition of the pads and brake discs. Should a glassy surface on the brake discs show up, you can edit it with some fine sandpaper. Sometimes this helps against noise when braking. In addition, it is recommended to lubricate the guides where the brake pads sit with some copper paste or other suitable lubricant for brake systems. Caution: The copper paste should not be on the braking surfaces! Then reassemble your brakes and go for a test drive. Enter once or twice, strong brakes and observe if the squeaking is still occurring. If yes it does not help, then you must allow drive workshop and professionally investigate the problem with your car in the car. Were recently replaced the brakes and the workshop determines a defect check of course if you can assert warranty claims. Because also on car parts, a guarantee is given. Eva Otter

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