Central America Is Ernst: CATA States Awarded Sustainability Certificates

Tuesday, 16. October 2018

Press release CATA ITB2010 Berlin/Madrid (9 March 2010) Central America makes Ernst and awards sustainability certificates to the tourism companies in its Member States. The Governments work together with the independent organization Rainforest Alliance. The measure lift tourism representing the Central American countries, the Central America Tourism Agency (CATA), and the Rainforest Alliance sustainable tourism in the region to a new level. The awarding of certificates is carried out through accredited agencies, which were commissioned by the Governments of the CATA Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. On all certification agencies in Central America include the Alliance sustainable tourism certification network of the Americas\”(STCNA) and are thus subject to strict control. For tourists, the large-scale project brings enormous benefits. You can check in the future easily in the Internet which tourist services have the awards and their bookings align it.

The STCNA has a catalog called go green!\”published, which is available on the net (www.certificationnetwork.org). It contains all previously certified hotels, meeting houses, sports and leisure facilities and is constantly expanding to include new members. Also, the Rainforest Alliance has created a page (www.eco-indextourism.org), which is above all excellent companies. Both websites inform visitors to the site also about the lending practices. To obtain a certificate, the company must meet strict demands.

Tourist service providers will get the coveted certificate only if they can present a plan which has a low consumption of resources. Also, it behooves companies to demonstrate credibly that the air and soil quality does not deteriorate through the establishment of the company and they use as many recyclable materials. This special eco-business plan is regularly monitored. In addition, the provider must meet social sustainability criteria, before they receive the coveted certificate. The heads of the company for the certificate the obligation enter your employees regularly educate to set as many people from the area and to keep to the established social structures when it comes to climate protection.

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