Commercial Real Estate Portal

Thursday, 4. August 2011

Commercial real estate portal of St. Petersburg. Created in May 2010, a group of experts from different fields. The main objective of the project to ensure a comprehensive, useful and relevant information, so to speak an office, those who in any way connected with the commercial real estate in St. Petersburg. The goal of "real estate portal of St. Petersburg." Creating a database of commercial real estate market participants St.

Petersburg with the contacts and the description of the scope of activity. Construction companies. Commercial real estate agency. (Ithaca, Alexander) Project Office. Legal Office.

Management companies. (Theorem Rosstroy) Investment organizations. Building holdings. (Adamant, LSR Group). Create a directory of commercial property with a full description of the following categories. Business Centers. (Various classifications) shopping malls. Shopping and Entertainment Complex. Office Centers. Business centers. Warehouses. Warehouses and Terminals. Premises. Information support of commercial real estate market participants. Analytics commercial real estate. Rental rates. -Become a lift from a rental store under Pyaterochka – News about the real estate market, you may find useful. Base commercial real estate. Opportunity Buy database of commercial real estate. Includes. Object types: office, warehouse, shop, commercial premises, multi-purpose room, storage room, a point of sale. Floor area. Rental rate per square per month. The district location of the object. The exact address of the premises. Type of rooms heated, not heated, low temperature. Features a commercial object. Ability to access around the clock. Available generating capacity. The presence of other sources of fuel (gas). The height of the gate. The presence of dust devil flat floors. Entrance euro trucks for warehouses and industrial buildings. The presence of additional conditions: road train branch and the crane. Whether objects are equipped with telecommunications. (Telephone, internet). The presence of the alarm system. Conclusion: testing the products of the commercial real estate portal, you can save a lot of time and money. Over time you can give up other expensive tools.

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