Creative Car Is Moving Advertising

Friday, 11. September 2015

NEW – company name * management * contact moving advertising started in the second half of 2009 as a label of new CreCar businesses for means of transport and ambient media – with great success. Now, consistently follows the next step: from creative car GmbH is moving advertising GmbH. Comes a change in company management and the company’s headquarters. Business name and business structure after 20 years as a marketer of taxi advertising 2009 started a new era for creative car. The new label moving advertising enabled the expansion of the range of media in the area of mobile advertising and ambient media. After successful campaigns and promotions, a renaming was the only logical step.

And so the CreCar moving advertising GmbH since April 2010. The offer of moving advertising is divided into divisions of fahrschul media, sports media, promotional media and individuallosungen. The longstanding cooperation partner TAXi AD took over the existing core business, taxi advertising. As a sales person for Like moving advertising, the joint sales partner, the sellmedia GROUP acts taxi advertising. Change in corporate governance not only the company name changed – the former Managing Director, Horst Menden, breaks new ground. After he built the CreCar GmbH and largely determined taxi with the success of the medium, he works consultant in the future as a freelance. He handed over to his former Assistant and right-hand Nicole Braun (26) resigned as CEO. So far, already responsible for the project management of the new label and in all business decisions included, Nicole Braun to 01.04 seamlessly took over the further development of moving advertising as successful ambient and outdoor vendors. New headquarters and contact completes the departure for new tasks the company moved into new premises. The Villa Rhodius in Leverkusen-Schlebusch the new seat of the company can be reached at the following contact data is so since early April: moving advertising GmbH Bergische Landstrasse 82a 51375 Leverkusen phone: 0214 / 330 16 54 3 Fax: 0214 / 330 16 54-7 email: (author: Nicole Braun)

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