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Saturday, 27. December 2014

demand but also a competition equivalent professionalism by the service provider. Aim of cooperation of AS/point and the life support in Aachen and Heinsberg is therefore, software to optimize work processes in management and production. A new ERP solution, which covers the commercial and operational processes of the Lebenshilfe and integrates also the financial accounting, management and production at any time on inventory levels, customer and supplier data can access to. Order delays and idlers be avoided because tools and materials be scheduled in time partially automated, ordered and stocked. The evaluation in modern figures is made possible by an integrated BI module on push of a button. In the search for the right solution was very important, that the solution is simple, logical and plausible in the operation the person in charge of the Lebenshilfe.

Competitiveness is the solution in the foreground, the Lebenshilfe advertises in the market to projects like any “other providers also” Stefan explains Majumdar, Managing Director of AS/point GmbH. the special attraction of these two projects but, is that we have always in view must, as we operate simply and understandably keep all functions. It comes us the processes that brings the special work life assistance with, to be able to implement.” As a competent partner and member of the competence of the BVMW IT knows AS/point the IT requirements and tasks in medium-sized and can create tailored solutions that support companies in the growth and long-term support. Contacts: AS/point GmbH Andrea Goffart Carlton road 50 52531 ubach Palenberg Tel. 0 24 51 49 00 312 E-Mail: BVMW competence circle IT District Association Aachen / Heinsberg CEO: Horst Benecke Lorraine road 45 52062 Aachen E-Mail: short profile AS/AS/point-to-point is your partner for the long distance. We support you sustainable, long term and from a single source.

We accompany many regular customers over many years and growth phases. We provide ERP solutions for mid-market. And for almost 20 years. To do this we offer you suitable solutions of CRM, BI, Web and IT infrastructure. We will advise you and ensure that you can grow with exact and holistic solutions. Our dedicated team has may take care of more than 100 companies to the best satisfaction. With each other and for our customers, we create solutions that exactly meet the requirements. We can’t”we do not know: This makes us fun and project security for you. The IT competence circle profile competence circle IT consists of more than 20 medium-sized companies that offer entrepreneurs a platform for procurement, information and advice. All topics related to information technology are addressed, seminars and lectures are offered and sought solutions for IT issues. The competence circle IT ensures, that the entrepreneur under the umbrella of the BVMW in it field, always up to date. The BVMW Association is the professional, politically neutral cross-industry in Germany, which represents small and medium-sized companies compared with politics, authorities, trade unions and large companies. The BVMW offers extensive services on local, regional, national and international level.

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