David Beckham

Wednesday, 5. February 2014

Because in those cases where the children of the stars grow in such conditions, it almost always means they are deprived of a normal “parenting” and a normal childhood. That is dad or mom-star-star (and often both parents-stars), of course, they love their son or daughter, but simply do not have time to give him a normal childhood. A normal childhood – it’s not fantastic entertainment for children, no miraculous read you a bedtime story and will shape sleep. A normal childhood – is the father knows about the problems of his son and is willing and able to help him, and his mother was aware of the difficulties her daughter and is willing to help her solve them. And when the star’s parents rarely see children, their upbringing outsource the whole battalion, educators, nurses, teachers, tutors, and other very good and professional, yet strangers, they do not know what disturbs their children at some point in their lives, then it is magazines and on the first position in the list of sales people are very selfish, proud, ready to obey all his life and send all the energy and emotion to conquer the Star Olympian. Yet, in most cases, star-parents simply do not have the physical capacity to give children enough time and own their own attention. In addition, the lives of many of the celebrities ‘semi’ – though they and many mansions around the world, but live long in one they can not. As a trivial example, the couple Beckham.

Too much famous, so much richer, so much better, so much stellar. But here’s the head of the family, David Beckham, you need to change jobs and move from Spain to North America. And Beckham to Spain with his sons lived in his native England. Tell me, do you believe that the heirs of the famous brand name and a normal childhood? Could there be a normal childhood, when every couple of years you tear in the place where you just had time to settle, make friends, acquaintances, and taken to distant lands, in a totally unfamiliar place for you, where you will be surrounded by strangers? I’m in the “normality” of such that such a man at every turn will be compared with famous parents, and almost always these comparisons are not in favor of the younger generation (catch phrase of the children of geniuses and the rest of nature do you remember?). Often the children of the stars, grown in an atmosphere of luxury, indulgence and the availability of all that wish, in a single voyage through life go elementary a dependent people who can make some stupid things and a lot of mistakes, which, unfortunately, they do. However, the pattern of life “star children” is not so monotonous black, often found celebrity parents who have the intelligence and love for her children to teach them from childhood to believe that life in the long run do not care who you dad or mom what his or her money and how many people will look at you in awe when they hear your name. For example, the son of Yuri Shevchuk, which for our nezvezd parents. There are good parents and not very good. And the amount of money and the level of celebrity, these qualities are independent. So jealous of our “ordinary” children offspring of stars should not be. Most second be envied by the first – those normal childhood is much more common.

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