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Friday, 1. July 2011

Date of Birth: September 7, 1954 Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, usa Family: 1 younger brother, sister, mother, father Marital status: Married for the first time in 1986 but was divorced in 1993. He married a second time on Kerry Preston, in September 1998. Current hometown: New York Middle name second random name – Richard Height: 172.72 biography Despite the fact that early in his acting career, Michael Emerson played mostly comic characters, with time on his account were appear much more frightening images. Suffice it to recall its Ben Linus (AKA Henry Gale), a leader of the group "Others" in the series Lost (2004 -), or the role of a serial killer The Practice (1997-2004), which made him the prestigious award Emmy. Michael was born Sept. 7, 1954 in, Iowa. Educated at Drake University (Iowa's Drake University, 1976), and then went to New York to try their luck at the acting career.

However, like many other young actors in this it has failure, and he could not find a job. For a while moonlighting here and there and eventually became a freelance illustrator for a magazine. Then his first wife offered to move to Florida, where it moved family, and at a time when their marriage has collapsed, Emerson has developed into an experienced performer, taking part in Shakespeare's Othello, and other theater productions Jacksonville (Theatre Jacksonville). For seven years (1986-93), Michael has experienced a huge amount reincarnation in local productions, but, despite this enthusiasm, he still could not earn his talent to life.

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