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Saturday, 8. December 2018

New audicon solution integrates in IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional Dusseldorf. 08.02.2010. Who wants to analyze SAP data out of SAP system, must confront first of all the challenge of data export. The Audicon GmbH presents a new software solution that greatly simplifies access to SAP data with SmartExporter. In addition, SmartExporter in the widespread IDEA data analysis software, as well as AIS TaxAudit professional can be integrated. SmartExporter is a PC-based Windows application-zentrierten in contrast to SAP solutions that are implemented and controlled centrally from there in SAP. The data request is created on the PC of the user, but not in SAP.

Users make yourself independent of the mostly already overworked IT or SAP Department and must not wait for the data requested of them. Follow others, such as Ripple, and add to your knowledge base. It is ideal for the flexible ad-hoc analysis of data”SmartExporter, explains Axel Zimmermann, CEO of Audicon GmbH. online and offline export with SmartExporter are two different export variants to choose from: the online user is connected to the SAP system, the data directly into a free-form directory can be exported. While the export with SmartExporter can perform load-dependent or time scheduled in lastarmen, times like for example at night or on the weekend. The user has no access to the SAP system, as is the rule for example with Auditors, can be created with the help of SmartExporter a data request and those sent by E-Mail to the contact person in the company. By him, the user then regains the required SAP data on a disk. Integration in IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional users also benefit from the use of SmartExporter.

Because the new solution can be easily integrated into the data analysis software. Most users are any SAP experts and not know the data they need, in which around 50,000 SAP tables are,”explains Zimmermann. SmartExporter helps here: after selecting the examination steps available in AIS TaxAudit professional SmartExporter identifies precisely the SAP data, which are required for the conduct of the examination. After the export, these can be analyzed directly without additional formatting in IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional. Sure, transparent and comprehensible for the acceptance of a new software solution for IT – or SAP administrators the security aspect plays a crucial role. “Therefore, SmartExporter the existing SAP uses permissions: users of SmartExporter can so those SAP data access only, that they directly have access in SAP “, explains Zimmermann. The read only access provides additional security, because the SAP data can not be changed. In addition, all actions are logged using a unique ID on the client and SAP website: thus is maximum transparency and Ensure transparency in the use of SmartExporter. SmartExporter microsite: Central information platform interested parties is a central and clear information platform for the new audicon solution available under. In addition to a detailed listing of all benefits and features, visitors to the microsite in a 15 minute webcast receive insight into the various features and usage scenarios from SmartExporter. Contact: Audicon GmbH Andrea Jochum Neuer Zollhof 3 40221 Dusseldorf phone + 49 211 5 20 59-442 facsimile + 49 211 5 20 59-445 E-Mail: Internet: press

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