Eduardo Galeano

Friday, 23. November 2018

The presence of the German squad didn’t walk to talk about Hitler, Nazism and also of the reasons that led to the division of this country and the lifting of the infamous Berlin wall. Holland, the marvelous Clockwork Orange, could tell us that it was almost our neighbor since, that in the Caribbean are several islands in which hondea the flag of the Netherlands, Dutch is spoken and made transactions in guilders. In addition, milk and Dutch cheese, could get up in local shops, so we would have been easier the study of this country.You forgive me breast Lucy, but not the attempt would have been bad. You mostly had the necessary raw material, a few youngsters whose heart had a ball round the shape and his brain probably wasn’t gray matter, but a mass punctuated dotted black and white ball, this flirtatious and elusive Queen of soccer, to which all matched to hurt the opponent. I feel that if this modality is imposed, many things will change.

We will have to talk about their own culture and own history. Older ladies of the people, who know all events, inch by inch, will regain its prestige. Teachers of mathematics teach the first operations adding not sensitive and provocative apples imported but the very indigenous fruit of the iguaraya, the trupio, the Mango or orange. Others will be stroke, my beloved teacher. Times in which we can form good citizens, prepared to face a future in which the full development of the thinking will be more important than the accumulation of data on the head, that is more important than memorization.

Sine, for what continue doing these tests with the closed book, asking the child to remember a long list of monarchs, viceroys, Presidents, heroes, libertadores and writers, all of them dead? It is as if you and I not asked that we recordaramos the name of all the deceased are buried in the cemetery of the village s. In addition, when their pupils are large and need to know something they won’t resort to memory but the library or computer or in the most extreme cases, take a phone to call Lucy sine or obtain the most accurate responses. Football, says Eduardo Galeano, is a sad pleasure trip to the duty. It is possible that it is time that, parodying the writer Uruguayan, can convert to education as an intense journey of duty to pleasure. I would like to continue telling him things sine Lucy, but I end up here. This year I’m going to lose again because of the damn world. I’m going because shortly to pass on television the best 50 goals in the Championship. You know, I still have the heart round like a soccer ball.

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