Tuesday, 17. September 2013

So much to learn, to teach, there are different ways of learning or teaching which contain a sequence of techniques that help us to develop, and so, if we teach, we must design the process so that students achieve the highest possible learning and even more practical and applicable approach to the resolution of the different types of problems. On the other hand, if we that we will learn, we must choose the most appropriate way to achieve this learning method of teaching and make it as profitable as possible. In a logical organization, there are different types of teaching, which I will allow me to state for information: PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION This by definition, takes us from the simple to the complex, ie in stages, is understand the above to continue with the following. In many countries apply this method to teach math, takes the student from the simple to the complex in a sequence. LA EDUCATION VARIED This methodology involves a variety of techniques, tasks, jobs, exhibitions etc. You have several options to avoid complicating the issues.

EDUCATIONAL STIMULATING This encourages us to be creators of DO agree or based on the way to be the student, for example, this also applies to CFE in the skills of innovation and entrepreneurship by giving awards and incentives to outstanding employees and implemented in business innovations. THE EDUCATION COOPERATIVE This encourages mutual help, not competition, is here promoting the exchange of experience which promotes working together. In the latter type of education I want to address, because I find it very important and also suitable for application in the company where he worked the CFE. Where can we learn more and better if not with our own experiences of colleagues working in other similar departments in other areas or zones? I think that, based on the exchange of experiences of ourselves, we can be rich knowledge that will help us be better and more suitable in our place we play. Do not forget that when new equipment arrives to our areas, we ask otr kind of training course to operate this new equipment. I put too much emphasis of the latter type of education, which will help us and keep us better able to deal more conducive to suffer any disruption or damage to our equipment to arrive to suffer them.

This applies both technically and administratively, since the organization formed as a micro business is similar in one area and another. Therefore, include the following definitions: "COOPERATIVE: it continues to control the teacher or leader. "COLLABORATIVE: The position of the leader or teacher is shared with other partners. So here than in a micro has partners and a leader, which is changing or rotating the role between the partners. CARMONA JESUS MANUEL SILVA CAMARGO ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT RPE 9ARXC UNIT DELICIAS

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