Wednesday, 23. November 2011

Then, many felt it was the norm, and not thought about what it might lead. After all, our speech is not just words, this is our way of thinking, and, therefore, and future actions. My "piggy strange phrases: I'm doing is so unique things that no one understands. I am now forced to conduct sales training, but I want to conduct training of happiness, people simply have not grown up to them. There is nothing unique in the fact that I do and I do not understand how clients for training that kind of money paid. All my customers are buying only the cheapest.

My clients are not able to understand the importance of these products and services. Just do not ask me to do work-shop, customers are already with the tortured. Employees stealing clients and live only on pullbacks, and their teach nasty. When I see the owners, I always think, how did these fools money? I did not write a single program, I stole them all. competitors do not give me to do quality training. Tell me honestly, but as you are between is called the client? I do not need a lot of money – I do not want to pay more taxes.

So work – too hard. Group dynamics is when the coach of dynamite group. Yes, I do not know how to conduct training, but you also teach me. I do not want so much to learn, there are training sales people for life and fine.

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