EU Member State

Tuesday, 25. June 2019

tax havens in the EU the lowest taxes without conditions” Cyprus and Bulgaria have with only 10% income tax. The EU special zones of Madeira and ZEC (Special Canary, zone) zero to 5% with conditions (creation of jobs or investment). In the context of a company in Madeira, our partner firm in Madeira can provide the required three jobs (3 x 400 euro job). Malta: No taxation for royalties and patents. In addition investment support for resettlement and creation of jobs. England: 21% in the Medium-sized companies set up 300,000 ePfund yield, then progressively rising to 30%. More countries on request or in our expose rank list tax havens, tax the EU.

5. holding locations in the EU as holding locations are suitable in particular Cyprus and the Netherlands. Both countries have the privilege of holding, therefore pure investment income not taxed. Cyprus offers following advantages: infect not the privilege of holding as well as no CFC rules, non-holding activities and be with only 10% tax, dividend payments to a non-Cypriots are subject to principle no withholding tax on Cyprus, regardless of whether DBA facts or not. 6 sales tax for deliveries of goods from one Member State to the European Union in another Member State which is EU to distinguish whether the delivery of a taxable entrepreneur is made for the VAT assessment to an individual, or one of these equivalent taxable final consumers. Deliveries to entrepreneurs in other Member States of the European Union (EU) – for this purpose the own VAT identification number and the one customer in the other EU Member State are required – are exempt from sales tax in the country of origin and in the country of destination by the recipient of the delivery of the purchase tax are subject to. Deliveries to private customers are umsatzsteuerlich under other regulations to deal with, as individuals by the taxation of the acquisition are regularly excluded.

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