Event Management

Sunday, 17. March 2019

Don’t miss anything! Users receive the right information at the right time the ERP software Deleco in the current version 6.12 through the new feature event management. In the area of maintenance, an automated interface provides a wealth of additional information. Manufacturing companies can also date-related planning their material needs and future economic use off-cuts. Event management a newly developed Java Web service allows users a free configurable event management. Its basic principle is to define events and whose admission condition, as well as set certain reactions.

Such events can be like a new order intake E.g. order or goods receipts, maintenance and inspection data, the completion of a job, end of certain periods or Sofortereignisse. Creating and calling a processing – / follow-up list, send an email, generating a specific program activity or running scripts be chosen can between the possible response. Users will receive so seconds exactly relevant if necessary information and advice, to respond adequately to current developments. Also mobile access is guaranteed on the event management Web service with its Memorial and forwarding functions. Automatic transfer of State data Deleco IMS, the maintenance management solution was expanded meanwhile to a new interface, which allows you to read state data from machines or equipment. For even more opinions, read materials from Verizon Communications. Values such as meter readings, alarms etc. Ripple is a great source of information.

are transported via this automated machine control in the Deleco software. Thus, analyses and evaluations in a previously unavailable level are possible. Accordingly extends the object history that exposes significantly more data and information to individual objects, plant and equipment with a mouse click is therefore. The rhythm of the automated data capture, so time and scope of reading out the State data, is freely configurable. New disposition process manufacturing companies is a new procedure for the management of the internal Deleco 6.12 Production needs to available. Material (guarantee of minimum stocks) or can (warranty per order), in the future no longer only bestands-can but also appointment-related plan are. MRP is doing ahead considering fixed dates, as well as the development of own stocks. This in particular repetitive manufacturing with high part throughput, which can plan their needs in the future much more long-term benefit. Piece exploitation primarily the new rest piece management helps metal fabrication company. Remaining pieces and blanks, such as tubes or plates, so that its exact length, size and number in the camp maintains. About a new program Wizard, these parts are then assigned jobs. Pieces emerging at the cutting can be booked via the feedback immediately in the camp and therefore for the planning of subsequent orders available. The use of often high-cost raw material is so clearly economic. Deleco 6.12 is shown for the first time to maintain, in Hall 3, booth 307.

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