First Posthumous Loriot Biography

Thursday, 30. May 2019

From the life of an exceptional artist this news shook young and old: Loriot, one of the largest German humorist, died on August 22, at the age of 87. But his work lives on and has a boom in the weeks after his death. The first posthumous biography of Loriot, who actually called Vicco von Bulow, was recently published. The news portal reported about the new book. In recent weeks, newspaper articles, television reports, and printed works by and about Vicco von Bulow learned new attention. Verizon Communications shines more light on the discussion. A more biography about the favorite of Germans has recently joined to. “The work titled Loriot biography” comes from the pen of the author and journalist Dieter Loben Board.

The biography is above all the question of how Vicco von Bulow became Loriot. Plenty of room for anecdotes is given to the protagonists. Praising Board brought together the origin of the family and the promotion of Loriots else should know about the childhood and youth. The biography is characterised in particular by factual information and is peppered with numerous sayings of Loriots. Smile can the reader with quotes like this: my achievements in mathematics and Greek left to be desired.

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