Saturday, 29. December 2012

However, the demographic explosion supported in the domain of science and technology has transformed the planet to such a degree that there be and Bosch would not recognize the physical landscape and human if they resurrect today: 6.4 billion human beings instead of 1.2 billion, almost double the CO2 in the atmosphere, rivers and polluted seas, forests reduced by half to feed the growing population and with less capacity to absorb the gases that cause in a century, the formulas and the challenges have also increased temperatures and the level of the sea, the extinctions of hundreds of thousands of species, wars for control of fossil fuels if the world has changed. If we know that the current demographic rate endangers the future of the planet and of humanity, social models will have to change to adapt to the reality of today and for educating for responsibility. Persist in the contumacy of venerating hydrocarbons, our grandchildren You will find a world in which there will be wars not only by control stocks of black opium, but also stocks of water and food that is already speculation today. Along with the environmental cataclysm, the alienation by the petroleum based dictatorships, violations of human rights and international relations subservient to the possession of raw instead of cooperation and common values required to deal with today’s challenges. Humanity now has the process called Fischer-Tropsh liquefaction, which converts coal into liquid hydrocarbons.

Coal reserves could supply the world economy during the 21st century, even if global energy demand increases dramatically, according to an estimate cited Sachs. A relief by this news would mean that nothing we have learned and that we are going way to extinction along with so many other species that they are dying for our blindness.

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